Detroit Radler

Beer Info

Detroit Radler Beer
  • Detroit Beer Company
  • 4.0% ABV

    Radler beer is the German version of the English Shandy style, which is a blend of light ale and lemonade. In order to honor our brewing roots, we followed the German method of mixing natural Lemon & Lime flavors into a blend of our Bohemian pilsener and specially crafted Bavarian lager. These methods create a perfectly refreshing summer beverage which has a strong, slightly tart citrus aroma and flavor. This is the best summer brew we have ever made, and we hope that it becomes a part of all your summer traditions.

Places with this beer

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  • Firebird Tavern · Restaurant

    469.5 miles away · Menu Updated: 07/21/2016

    16oz Draft for $6

  • M-Brew · Restaurant

    475.9 miles away · Menu Updated: 07/25/2016

    16oz Draft for $5.75