Bruery Sucre

Beer Info

Bruery Sucre Beer
  • The Bruery

    Placentia, CA

  • Old Ale · 16.9% ABV

    May is our anniversary month and we are excited to release Sucre, our sixth anniversary ale this week! This beer is brewed in the English-style Old Ale tradition using our house Belgian yeast strain and then blended using the solera method, where a portion of each of our anniversary ales is saved in our barrels and blended in with the next year’s production, providing more complexity and depth of character that comes with age.

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  • Beer Authority · Bar

    21.1 miles away · Menu Updated: 04/27/2017

    25oz Bottle for $65

  • Public Wine, Beer and Spirits · Beer Store

    23.9 miles away · Menu Updated: 04/15/2017

    25.4oz Bottle for $39

  • Bellmore Beverage · Beer Store

    40.5 miles away · Menu Updated: 04/23/2017

    25oz Bottle for $35.99

  • The Craftsman Ale House · Bar

    41.8 miles away · Menu Updated: 04/27/2017

    25oz Bottle for $30

    25oz Bottle for $35

  • Village Beverage · Beer Store

    45.9 miles away · Menu Updated: 04/05/2017

    25oz Bottle for $34.99

  • Vista Beer & Beverage · Beer Store

    61.1 miles away · Menu Updated: 04/28/2017

    25oz Bottle for $33.99