Great Lakes Citraddiction

Beer Info

Great Lakes Citraddiction Beer
  • American Pale Ale · 4.4% ABV

    It started out innocently enough – a friend gave me a beer hopped with Citra.

    My life changed.

    I began to seek out other hoppy beers. I came to appreciate the grapefruit and mango that Citra brought to my palate. Suddenly, I looked for complexity over simplicity, taste over the lack thereof. I felt smarter, younger and I stopped buying processed cheese.

    But things changed when I realized I couldn’t drink the beer at the sports bar with the guys after hockey. They started calling me hurtful names like “beer snob” and “Mr. Fancy”.

    What would I drink at weddings? Baseball games? Or even a visit to the Old Man’s place? And WTF was I going to do with all my frozen beer mugs?

    My wife left. My dog ran away.

    My name is Garnett and I’m addicted to Citra.