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Almond 22 Beers

The “microbrewery” Almond’22 was born in 2003 in the hills of Pescara, in a building of 1870. In this building, in 1922 the expert hands of the workers peeled the almonds used in the production of handmade confetti Abruzzo.
All the work was done by hand, pure craftsmanship. This story gave rise to the name of our beer (Almond in English means almond) and the desire to maintain production completely handmade.

Almond 22 Pink IPA

Available 181.2 miles away

Almond 22 Torbata

Available 220.6 miles away

Almond '22 Farrotta

Available 222.3 miles away

Almond 22 Farrotta

Available 242.2 miles away

Almond Hibernum

Available 291.1 miles away

Almond Maxima

Available 291.1 miles away