Brothers Craft Brewing Company

Harrisonburg, VA

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  • Brothers 8 Bells Blueberry French Toast Ale

    Fruit Beer · 5.5% ABV

    In the Naval tradition of telling time by the ship’s bells, sailors would hear eight bells each day at noon, the perfect time to enjoy this brunch-inspired brew
  • Brothers Craft Brothers Lil' Hellion

    Helles Lager · 4.9% ABV

    Lil’ Hellion is a testament to the Bavarian brewing tradition of quality ingredients, precise balance and craftsmanship.
  • Brothers Blonde Betty

    Fruit Beer · 7.5% ABV

    Imperial American Blonde Ale with juice from fresh pressed apples straight from Bold Rock and a healthy dose of pie spice.
  • Brothers Farmers Market

    Berliner Weisse · 5.6% ABV

    We added hundreds of pounds of red raspberries resulting in a tart, fruity, and sessionable beer that is perfect for the long hot days of late summer
  • Brothers 3rd Anniversary Tripel

    Tripel · 10.0% ABV

    Time flies when you’re drinking good beer...
  • Brothers 5lb Fall Pumpkin

    Fruit Beer · 5.3% ABV

    The final beer is an easy drinking pumpkin ale that stands apart from overly spiced options and provides a balance of flavors for you to enjoy!
  • Brothers Coffee Breath

    Brown Ale · 3.8% ABV

    With a caramel back and notes of plums and dark fruit, the base for this beer pairs perfectly with the Ethiopian Sidamo Guji beans that are locally roasted at Lucas Roasting Company; creating a com...
  • Brothers Drift Session IPA

    Session IPA · 5.0% ABV

    Escape the mundane with this Citra-based, Session IPA, the perfect beer to end a workday or to carry you through a weekend with friends...
  • Brothers Eight Bell's

    Specialty Grain · 5.3% ABV

    French Toast Ale. Brunch inspired brew that has a hefty dose of blueberries added to a bready base ale and finished off with a modest helping of rich maple syrup...
  • Brothers + J. Wakefield Stalwart

    Berliner Weisse · 6.5% ABV

    Featuring a light body and dry finish, and bursting with blackberry flavor throughout.
  • Brothers Staycation

    Berliner Weisse · 5.6% ABV

    We’re bringing the vacation to you with the classic refreshing summer taste of fruit punch. Additions of a three fruit blend compliment the tart wheat base beer creating an oasis in your glass...
  • Brothers 6th Anniversary

    Barrel Aged · 10.0% ABV

    Rum barrel aged Belgian Dubbel
  • Brothers Admiral DIPA

    Double IPA · 8.3% ABV

    More than generous hop-blend delivers a bitter citrus bite that is sure to fill your sails. Hop Bill: Apollo, Cascade, Columbus, Centennial, Simcoe.
  • Brothers American Lager

    Pale Lager · 5.6% ABV

  • Brothers Apricot Wheat

    Wheat Ale · 4.5% ABV

    Apricot American wheat ale.
  • Brothers A Whole Latte Love

    Milk Stout · 5.5% ABV

    The perfect beer for those long, cold Winter nights. Whole Latte Love is a full bodied, creamy milk stout with a generous dose of local coffee beans...
  • Brothers Belgian Strong Dark Ale

    Belgian Strong Ale · 10.4% ABV

    This beer has a balance between the esters and a rich, malty sweetness. The malt is rich and strong with toasty notes of caramel...
  • Brothers Blood Orange Admiral

    Double IPA · 8.3% ABV

    DIPA with a citrus, blood-orange infusion
  • Brothers Cardinal Direction

    Quadrupel · 9.4% ABV

  • Brothers Cerveza Hermanos

    Mexican Lager · 4.7% ABV

    Toasty German malts lend a malty backbone while flaked corn adds a soft sweetness that lightens the beer. Perfectly balanced with noble hops, this beer lands somewhere between Pale and Vienna Lager.
  • Brothers Cerveza Hermanos with Lime

    Mexican Lager · 4.7% ABV

  • Brothers Cheat Code

    Double IPA · 8.3% ABV

    Classic DIPA packed w/plenty of pineapple which perfectly balances hefty malt & hops
  • Brothers Cheesequake

    Porter · 5.5% ABV

    You’ll find catastrophic flavor from our Chocolate Cheesecake Porter. Expect to enjoy a creamy, chocolate flavor-packed beer
  • Brothers Chocolate Milk Great Debate

    Milk Stout · 9.1% ABV

    What we learned from The Great Debate of 1920, is that the universe is vast and has more depth than we previously knew...
  • Brothers Cloudburst

    Double IPA · 8.0% ABV

  • Brothers Cloudburst

    Double IPA · 8.0% ABV

  • Brothers Cloud Burst DIPA

    NE/Hazy DIPA · 8.0% ABV

    Just like the natural phenomenon, Cloudburst drenchesthe taste buds with flavor and then just like that, it’s over. The remarkably smooth finish makes this imperial hazy ipa stand out...
  • Brothers Coconut Shy Stout

    Stout · 6.2% ABV

    Familiar roasted malts, chocolate, and coffee are present throughout, but the star of the show is the sweet and refined coconut flavors dancing through each sip
  • Brothers Craft Brothers Hibiscus Blonde Ale

    Blonde Ale · 7.6% ABV

    Features a complimentary amount of hibiscus at 2 different stages throughout the brewing process...
  • Brothers Craft Brothers Local Roast

    Stout · 5.3% ABV

    Oatmeal Stout brewed with Ironclad Coffee
  • Brothers Craft Up At Dawn

    Saison · 6.4% ABV

    The early bird gets the worm, as the saying goes, but in this case it gets the beer...
  • Brothers Cutting Teeth

    American Pale Ale · 5.7% ABV

    A beer for hop lovers and those just dipping their toes, our new pale ale is about hitting the reset button and finding a balance...
  • Brothers Daylight Cravings

    Imperial Stout · 10.5% ABV

    Coffee Maple Breakfast Stout.
  • Brothers Dopplebock

    Dunkles Bock · 7.5% ABV

    Rich, malty, caramelized flavors blend with notes of chocolate and dark fruits...
  • Brothers Drunken Mornings

    Imperial Stout · 12.5% ABV

    We aged our Daylight Cravings in oak bourbon barrels...
  • Brothers Eggnog Resolute

    Imperial Stout · 13.5% ABV

    Imperial Double Stout. We took a milk stout and added sugar, spice, and everything nice that you'd expect in a glass of eggnog!
  • Brothers Elementary

    Porter · 0.58% ABV

    Elementary is a study in contradiction. The simplicity of a few ingredients yields an incredibly complex beer including notes of dark chocolate, coffee, caramel, and a roasty finish.
  • Brothers Fest Bier

    Oktoberfest · 5.8% ABV

    Rich and malty Marzen style lager celebrating the World's favorite beer festival
  • Brothers Gaffer IPA

    Double IPA · 8.3% ABV

    Colab with Triple Crossing Brewing
  • Brothers Galaxy Pale Ale

    American Pale Ale · 5.2% ABV

  • Brothers Good Adweiss

    German Hefeweizen · 5.0% ABV

    Spring is a truly radiant time of year, bringing warmth, color, and most importantly, the freshest seasonal brews...
  • Brothers Goodwin

    IPA · 6.5% ABV

    Colab IPA with Aslin "One heck of a juice bomb"
  • Brothers Gosecolada

    Gose · 5.0% ABV

    Gosecolada is quite simply everything you love about your favorite tropical cocktail, only in a beer...
  • Brothers Great Debate

    Milk Stout · 9.1% ABV

    we sought to brew a big, bold, layered stout that is truly out of this world. This jet black beer offers notes of chocolate and roast while a rich creamy body makes it even more of a joy to drink.
  • Brothers Great Outdoors Pale Ale

    American Pale Ale · 4.8% ABV

    A Virginia Pale Ale that is crisp, clean and refreshing. Enjoy The Great Outdoors
  • Brothers Hardy Brothers

    Saison · 5.5% ABV

    A refreshing Farmhouse Ale brewed with plot-twisting pear and ginger. Fruit and spice lurk around every corner, making for a delicious and sumptuous Ale.
  • Brothers Hempitimization

    IPA · 7.1% ABV

  • Brothers Hermanos

    Mexican Lager · 4.7% ABV

    Toasty German malts lend a malty back bone while flaked corn adds a soft sweetness that lightens the beer.
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