White Squirrel Brewery

Bowling Green, Ky

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About the brewery

Damon and Jason’s first batch of home brew together was crafted back in 1998 (yeah they’re old) and Damon has really honed his skills over the past few years. Four years ago they decided to make their brewery dreams reality. Not long after Sean joined the team and they were brewing and scheming all the time to try and get the plan together. They visited 22 breweries in their “research,” Damon hit half a dozen in Canada for us, and Jason even got a behind the scenes look at one in the tiny south Pacific island nation of Palau. A whirlwind visit to the biggest and baddest beer festival in North America was on the agenda as well, the Great North American Beer Festival. We shared pints with some of the great brewers working today, including a sit down with Mr. Jim Koch himself (founder of Sam Adams). We also sampled quite a few beer styles, studied the art of tasting, and finally had our humble plan together.

Damon is quite the celebrated home brewer and has brewed countless styles. Jason’s background is in business development and marketing, and his head is always swimming with ways to build the brewery and add to the concept. Sean was once a head brewer for the Hops brewery chain. He brewed at the Bowling Green location and at the Chattanooga location. Sean also has a background in bar management and he is one of the familiar faces behind the bar in the taproom.

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