F.X. Matt Brewing Company

Utica, NY

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  • Mini saranac caramel porter 2

    Saranac Caramel Porter

    Porter · 5.4% ABV

    This is a traditional dark English style porter with a sweet caramel flavor, making it a very attractive beer to people who don’t usually like dark beer.
  • Mini saranac pumpkin ale

    Saranac Pumpkin Ale

    Spiced Beer · 5.3% ABV

    A hearty ale brewed with pumpkin, cinnamon, allspice and ginger with a full body and amber color.
  • Mini saranac black forrest

    Saranac Black Forest

    Premium Lager · 5.5% ABV

    This Bavarian-style black beer with caramel sweetness, medium body and our trademark rich creamy head.
  • Mini utica club

    Utica Club

    Pale Lager · 3.7% ABV

    American Adjunct Lager.
  • Mini jed s hard orange cream 3

    Jed's Hard Orange Cream

    Spiced Beer · 5.9% ABV

    Made from Saranac Orange Cream.
  • Mini saranac hoppy hour hero moe saic ipa 1

    Saranac Hoppy Hour Hero Moe.Saic IPA

    IPA · 7.8% ABV

    Combining the intensely piney, citrusy and tropical fruit aroma & flavor of Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops, this Double IPA is a liquid jam-session of big hop.
  • Mini saranac pale ale

    Saranac Pale Ale

    English Pale Ale · 5.5% ABV

    We’ve dialed UP the hop profile, adding more focus to American style hops, like Cascade, Chinook, Citra, and Willamette.
  • Mini saranac prism white ale

    Saranac Prism White Ale

    Wheat Ale · 5.2% ABV

    NY Ale bursting with Citra hops, and given it a whole new direction by adding the refreshing fruitiness of orange peel & coriander and the softening characters.
  • Mini jed s mule kicker 2

    Jed's Mule Kicker

    Spiced Beer · 5.9% ABV

    Hard Ginger Beer with Lime
  • Mini mississippi mud 1

    Mississippi Mud

    Porter · 5.0% ABV

    Dating back to 18th century England, the custom of blending pale and dark beers has kept the "Black & Tan" a favorite of experienced beer drinkers for centuries...
  • Mini saranac basking in bourbon stout 1

    Saranac Basking In Bourbon Stout

    Imperial Stout · 11.4% ABV

  • Mini saranac single malt scotch ale 1

    Saranac Single Malt

    Scotch Ale · 9.0% ABV

    Aromas of smoky malt and sweet brown sugar. Starts off with a rich molasses front and a fresh grain finish. A scotch ale aged in Scotch barrels!!
  • Mini saranac black tan 1

    Saranac Black & Tan

    Stout · 5.3% ABV

    Saranac Black & Tan is a judicious melding of our classic irish stout with an all-malt german-style amber lager.
  • Mini saranac octoberfest 2

    Saranac Octoberfest

    Oktoberfest · 5.4% ABV

    Saranac Octoberfest is a rich flavorful lager. We use imported two-row and crystal malt and balance it with the pleasant bitterness of Saaz and Tettang hops.
  • Mini saranac adirondack lager

    Saranac Adirondack Lager

    Vienna Lager · 5.5% ABV

    Our original award-winning Saranac beer is brewed in the German Lager tradition using Noble hops.
  • Mini saranac white ipa

    Saranac White IPA

    IPA · 6.0% ABV

    Saranac White IPA is a tasty innovative twist on a traditional IPA.
  • Mini jed s hard black cherry cream 2

    Jed's Hard Black Cherry Cream

    Malt Beverage · 5.9% ABV

    A beer that has added sugars which can be present in the aroma and taste.
  • Mini saranac high peaks imperial ipa 1

    Saranac High Peaks Imperial IPA

    Double IPA · 8.5% ABV

    Saranac Imperial IPA is part of our new High Peak Series, a line of beers that are bigger, more complex and flavorful; beers that are meant to be sipped.
  • Mini saranac high peaks single malt 1

    Saranac High Peaks Single Malt

    Scotch Ale · 9.0% ABV

    Single Malt Scotch Ale is a blend of a Scotch ale and a Scotch ale aged in Whiskey Barrels from the Tomintoul distillery in Scotland.
  • Mini saranac pomegranate wheat

    Saranac Pomegranate Wheat

    Fruit Beer · 4.7% ABV

    This wholesome combination of unfiltered wheat beer and real pomegranate juice makes a smooth refreshing beer with all the goodness of pomegranate...
  • Mini jed s hard root beer 1

    Jed's Hard Root Beer

    Spiced Beer · 5.9% ABV

    Brewed with doses of vanilla, birch, and caramel with this carbonated delight is a real treat.
  • Mini saranac ginger beer

    Saranac Ginger Beer

    Saison · 8.5% ABV

    We use "tons of ginger" for an effervescent and slightly tart and snappy taste.
  • Mini saranac imperial rye porter 3

    Saranac Imperial Rye Porter

    Porter · 10.5% ABV

    Brewed by F.X. Matt Brewing, barrel-aging this imperial rye porter creates a sweet, dark beer complimenting its nutty, spicy rye undertones.
  • Mini saranac imperial stout

    Saranac Imperial Stout

    Imperial Stout · 9.0% ABV

  • Mini matt utica club 1

    Matt Utica Club

    5.0% ABV

  • Mini new amsterdam new york craft amber ale 1

    New Amsterdam New York Craft Amber Ale

    Amber Ale · 5.5% ABV

    Extremely well-balanced with rich malt flavor up front, followed by a hoppy finish. Full-bodied and hearty.
  • Mini saranac 4059 porter

    Saranac 4059 Porter

    5.2% ABV

    Standing 4059' above sea level, one of the Adirondack high peaks, Porter Mountain, is the inspiration for our 4059' Porter that is full of roasted flavor...
  • Mini saranac clouded dream 2

    Saranac Clouded Dream

    Belgian Ale · 7.3% ABV

    Hazy Amber, It is more characteristic of a Belgian White Ale. It's brewed with wheat and oats for a silky smooth body and finishes with a burst of citrusy hop flavor.
  • Mini saranac green thumb double ipa 1

    Saranac Green Thumb Double IPA

    Double IPA · 7.8% ABV

    Hugely dank, fruity, and resinous IPA brewed with Equinox, Medusa, Eureka, and Columbus hops
  • Mini saranac high peaks imperial stout

    Saranac High Peaks Imperial Stout

    9.0% ABV

    Saranac Imperial Stout is part of our "High Peaks Series," a line of beers that are bigger, more complex and flavorful; beers that are meant to be sipped and savored...
  • Mini saranac hoppy pils 1

    Saranac Hoppy Pils

    Pilsner · 5.2% ABV

    This unique pilsener features Belma hops, found growing wild on a hop farm in Washington State, for a clean, tropical taste.
  • Mini saranac irish red ale

    Saranac Irish Red Ale

    Irish Red Ale · 4.5% ABV

    Did you know that Irish Reds get their deep garnet color from generous amounts of crystal malts?
  • Square mini f x matt brewing company 4a3ff67e

    New Amsterdam

    Single Batch. Extremely well-balanced with rich malt flavor up front, followed by a hoppy finish. Full-bodied and hearty. Formerly New Amsterdam New York Amber Ale.
  • Mini new amsterdam new york craft ipa 1

    New Amsterdam New York Craft IPA

    IPA · 6.0% ABV

    Top-fermented and dry-hopped, this I.P.A is brewed with Centennial hops, Cascade hops, Two-row Roasted Barley malt and Special Roasted malt.
  • Mini saranac adirondack trail mix

    Saranac Adirondack Trail Mix

    Variety Pack

    Trail Mix to feature four beers: Saranac Pale Ale, Saranac Adirondack Lager, Saranac Black Forest and Saranac IPA.
  • Mini saranac bavarian pils 1

    Saranac Bavarian Pils

    Pilsner · 5.5% ABV

    This hoppy pilsener is brewed with the unique Mandarina Bavaria German hop, which showcases a citrusy-earthy character.
  • Mini saranac big moose ale

    Saranac Big Moose Ale

    American Pale Ale · 5.3% ABV

    The medium-bodied malt sweetness is balanced by a nice crisp bitterness from hand selected centennial and cascade hops.
  • Mini saranac brewer s blood 2

    Saranac Brewer's Blood

    Amber Ale · 8.7% ABV

    Combining the finest continental malts with the most citrusy, piney, and dank hops around, this blood-red ale is massively hoppy and supported by a complex malt bill that includes flaked oats and b...
  • Mini saranac chai brown ale 1

    Saranac Chai Brown Ale

    Spiced Beer · 5.5% ABV

    A perfect blending of brown ale with chai spices - a lively, balanced brew with hints of coffee, cocoa, and vanilla that is sure to suit your taste buds to a ’tea’. Very Zen
  • Mini saranac chocolate lager

    Saranac Chocolate Lager

    6.0% ABV

    Saranac Chocolate Lager is a sinfully delicious deep amber lager made with certified organic cacao from Belize...
  • Mini saranac clementine pale ale 1

    Saranac Clementine Pale Ale

    American Pale Ale · 5.5% ABV

    This Pale Ale is brewed with clementine, citrus peel, and tangerine. The hop selection complements these flavors with grapefruit-y and herbal characters.
  • Mini saranac diet rootbeer

    Saranac Diet Rootbeer

    Soda · 0.05% ABV

    Saranac Diet Root Beer lends the same delicious flavor as our Saranac Root Beer, with less calories -- only 35 calories per 12 oz. bottle.
  • Mini saranac india pale ale 1

    Saranac India Pale Ale

    IPA · 5.8% ABV

    In the India Pale Ale tradition this brew is very hoppy in both aroma and flavor from the generous amounts of cascade hops used in brewing.
  • Mini saranac lake effect lager

    Saranac Lake Effect Lager

    5.95% ABV

    Our Saranac Lake Effect Lager is a rich, malty, old school German lager, made with traditional German malts and hops and fermented with a lager yeast...
  • Mini adirondack amber lager

    Adirondack Amber Lager

    Vienna Lager · 5.4% ABV

    Saranac Adirondack Amber is craft brewed with pure Adirondack water, bottom fermented and fully lagered to carefully balance the sweetness of two-row malt with the delicate bitterness of American C...
  • Mini f x matt green thumb ipa 2

    F.X. Matt Green Thumb IPA

    Double IPA · 8.0% ABV

    Dank, fruity, and resinous DIPA
  • Mini f x matt strawberry tart 2

    F.X. Matt Strawberry Tart

    Sour Ale · 6.0% ABV

    Sour mashed golden ale brewed with wheat and brettanomyces and strawberries.
  • Mini moonshot caffeine beer

    Moonshot Caffeine Beer

    4.8% ABV

    MoonShot is the first beer with Caffeine. Our patented process makes it possible for us to add caffeine without compromising the superior taste and smoothness of our premium beer...
  • Mini saranac 12 beers of winter

    Saranac 12 Beers Of Winter

    Variety Pack

    Saranac India Copper Ale, a Strong Brown Ale (6.0%) NEW Saranac Lake Effect Lager, an amber German Lager (5.95%) NEW Saranac Rye IPA, “an IPA with a wry twist” (5...
  • Mini saranac adirondack amber

    Saranac Adirondack Amber

    Amber Ale · 5.0% ABV

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About the brewery

Matt Brewing Company is an American family-owned brewery at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Utica, New York. It is the second oldest family-owned brewery in the United States, as it has been brewing beer since 1853. Its most popular product is the Saranac line of beers, although soft drinks such at Root Beer and Ginger Beer are also produced by the company.

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