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Oshkosh, WI

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  • Fifth Ward Haze It Or Love It

    NE/Hazy IPA · 5.8% ABV

    Blend of Citra Cryo, Simcoe, and Citra hops. Oozing grapefruit juice and orange pith with subtle notes of pine. Haze It of Love It, the underdog's on top.
  • Fifth Ward Sweet Heat Frootenanny

    Sour Ale · 5.5% ABV

    Frooted Sour with irresponsible amounts of Mango and a healthy but not overwhelming dose of fresh and dried Ghost Peppers..a perfect balance of sweet and heat.
  • Fifth Ward 1869 Blonde Ale

    Blonde Ale · 5.0% ABV

    A collaboration between Fifth Ward and the Oshkosh Yaht Club as part of their 150th Anniversary, 1869 was so well recieved that we decided to make it a regular staple in the line up!
  • Fifth Ward Blackberry Frootenanny

    Sour Ale · 6.0% ABV

    A kettle-soured blonde ale with over 200lbs. of blackberries added brewed by our friends just down the street!
  • Fifth Ward Blueberry Lemonade Frootenanny

    Sour Ale · 6.0% ABV

    Frooted sour with blueberry puree and lemon zest.
  • Fifth Ward Blueberry-Peach Frootenanny

    Sour Ale · 6.0% ABV

    Kettle Soured Ale with fresh blueberries and peaches. Brewed by our friends down the street in Oshkosh, WI!
  • Fifth Ward Blueberry Pie Frootenanny

    Sour Ale · 6.0% ABV

    Brewed with massive amounts of blueberry, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and graham cracker.
  • Fifth Ward Buffalo Plaid

    Scotch Ale · 8.4% ABV

    Buffalo Plaid is brewed over 25 gallons of Grade-A Wisconsin maple syrup and a heavy dose of flaked rye. Intense malt on the nose is followed by balanced aroma and flavor of real maple syrup.
  • Fifth Ward Comb & Crocus Wheat Ale

    Wheat Ale · 6.2% ABV

    Honey Saffron Wheat Ale brewed with real saffron threads, clover honey and white wheat malt for a crisp and refreshing flavor with a floral finish.
  • Fifth Ward Foster The Bananas Job

    Imperial Stout · 9.0% ABV

    A special anniversary variant of Two Man Job Imperial Oatmeal Stout brewed with bananas, cinnamon and vanilla beans.
  • Fifth Ward Key Lime Pie Frootenanny

    Sour Ale · 6.0% ABV

    Kettle soured blonde ale got a dose of lactose and was conditioned on Key Lime puree, Vanilla Bean and Graham Cracker.
  • Fifth Ward Pibber Jibber Frootenanny

    Fruit Beer · 6.0% ABV

    PB&J Sour with Concord grapes, peanut butter, and a hint of graham cracker.
  • Fifth Ward Razz Handz

    Cream Ale · 6.3% ABV

    Raspberry Cream Ale
  • Bare Bones + Fox River + Fifth Ward City Wide Tropical Blonde

    Blonde Ale · 5.0% ABV

    The beer celebrating the city! Blonde Ale loaded with citrus and tropical flavors made for easy drinking throughout Water City.
  • Fifth Ward 842 Pale Ale

    American Pale Ale · 6.5% ABV

    A modern, citrus-forward Pale Ale that utilizes a ton of Centennial and Chinook hops. A touch of caramel malt lends a malty backbone to this citrusy brew.
  • Fifth Ward 8th Day

    Red Ale · 4.6% ABV

    Red cream ale
  • Fifth Ward Agree To Agree

    Stout · 6.2% ABV

    Smooth & silky stout is expertly layered with locally roasted whole bean coffee and pure vanilla bean paste and it’s just nice to say that we can finally agree to agree… this beer is delicious.
  • Fifth Ward Aprishake

    Cream Ale · 7.6% ABV

  • Fifth Ward BA Peanut Butter Job

    Imperial Stout · 13.1% ABV

    Blend of barrel aged stouts with peanut butter and cocoa nibs
  • Fifth Ward + Bare Bones + Fox River City Wide Red IPA

    Red IPA · 5.8% ABV

    An epic collaboration between Fifth Ward Brewing Company, Fox River Brewing Company, and Bare Bones Brewery.
  • Fifth Ward Barkley and Hops

    Hazy Pale Ale · 4.8% ABV

    We’ve generously hopped Barkley and Hops with lemon-grassy Cashmere and tropical coconutty Sabro.
  • Fifth Ward Barrel Aged Morning Job

    Barrel Aged · 14.8% ABV

    Double mashed stout with real Wisconsin maple syrup aged in Bourbon barrels. Then conditioned on New Moon roasted coffee.
  • Fifth Ward Berry Bourbon SMASH

    Barrel Aged Sour · 6.0% ABV

    A single bourbon barrel was filled with our Hootenanny base sour and aged for over 12 months. We emptied that barrel and immediately blended in blackberry, raspberry, and fresh picked mint.
  • Fifth Ward Black Currant Cheesin'

    Sour Ale · 6.0% ABV

    Frootenanny base beer was blended with copious amounts of Black Currant puree, vanilla bean, graham cracker, and cheese cake flavor for a wildly delicious dessert beer experience.
  • Fifth Ward Blade's Cheesecake

    Fruited Sour · 6.0% ABV

    Refreshing on a hot summer day, we brewed with Strawberry Lemonade sour for Lily, one of the Winners of the NEW Top Dog competition...
  • Fifth Ward Blurry Vision

    Hazy Pale Ale · 4.8% ABV

    American Citra hops and New Zealand Nectaron hops pair up in this blurry pale ale for an explosion of juicy tropical citrus...
  • Fifth Ward Bourbon Barrel S'mores Job

    Stout · 11.5% ABV

    Two man job imperial Oatmeal stout aged in oak bourbon barrels and conditioned on Vanilla, cocoa nibs, and Graham crackers.
  • Fifth Ward Boysenberry Lemon Loaf Frootenanny

    Fruited Sour · 6.0% ABV

    This beer is deep purple in color and full of complex notes of berry, lemon zest, almond, and pie crust! Boysenberry Lemon Loaf hits all the marks in this Pastry inspired sour ale.
  • Fifth Ward Brussels

    Hazy Pale Ale · 4.8% ABV

    Our easy drinking low-ABV Hazy Pale ale is taken on a trans-Atlantic journey with the addition of a Belgian Yeast...
  • Fifth Ward Burl Brown

    Brown Ale · 5.9% ABV

    Blackstrap molasses and cinnamon sticks add a layer of complexity to this rich and malty brown ale.
  • Fifth Ward Canopy

    NE/Hazy DIPA · 8.0% ABV

    Up in the trees, high in the canopy, where the birds all hang. You'll find us up there, sipping' on a beer, not a care in the world. Mosaic, Citra, Amarillo.
  • Fifth Ward Cherry Berry Pie

    Sour Ale · 6.0% ABV

    Cherry and blueberry w/ pie spices, vanilla and graham cracker!
  • Fifth Ward Cherry Cheesin' Frootenanny

    Fruited Sour · 6.0% ABV

    Brewed with sweet & tart cherries, graham cracker, vanilla, and cheesecake flavor, this is literal dessert in a can. Pours a deep ruby hue with huge aromas of cherry and cheesecake.
  • Fifth Ward Cherry Limefeld

    American Wild Ale · 5.1% ABV

    Cherry Limefeld is a kettle soured ale conditioned on persian lime peels, tart cherry puree, and sweet cherry puree...
  • Fifth Ward Cherry Nice

    Sour Ale · 6.0% ABV

    Fruited sour with So. Many. Sweet & Tart. Cherries..cherry juice in beer form.
  • Fifth Ward Cherry Pie Frootenanny

    Sour Ale · 6.0% ABV

    Frooted Sour with sweet and tart cherries, vanilla, graham cracker, and baking spices.
  • Fifth Ward Chocolate Job

    Barrel Aged · 13.2% ABV

    Double Mashed oatmeal stout aged in Bourbon and Brandy Barrels and Conditioned on a double dose of cocoa nibs and liquid cocoa.
  • Fifth Ward Citranebula IPA

    NE/Hazy IPA · 6.4% ABV

    Collaboration with McFleshman's Brewing. Loaded with a blend of Citra, Amarillo, and Simcoe at 4lbs...
  • Fifth Ward Citra Pants Session Ipa

    Session IPA · 5.2% ABV

    This beer is brewed with all Citra hops imparting huge notes of citrus and tropical fruit. It is a well balanced and full flavored IPA while staying fairly low alcohol!
  • Fifth Ward Cowbell Milk Stout

    Milk Stout · 5.3% ABV

    A classic Milk Stout brewed with lactose sugar for a smooth, creamy flavor with a touch of sweetness!
  • Fifth Ward DDH Haze It Or Love It

    NE/Hazy IPA · 6.3% ABV

  • Fifth Ward Forman's Basement

    Imperial Red Ale · 8.8% ABV

    A dank and sticky Double Red IPA brewed w/ specialty amber malt, bittered with Wisconsin grown Skyrocket hops and dry-hopped w/ tons of Chinook and Citra hops.
  • Fifth Ward Freaky Tiki Frootenanny

    Fruited Sour · 6.0% ABV

    Dry Hopped tropical sour with tangerine, pineapple, passion fruit, mango, and sultana hops. You're on a beach. We're on a freakin' beach.
  • Fifth Ward Full Nelson

    NE/Hazy IPA · 6.0% ABV

    We’re showing off all of our IPA moves with this unique and flavor packed Hazy IPA...
  • Fifth Ward Grandmas Finest Apple Pie

    Fruited Sour · 5.0% ABV

    This sour tastes like grandma's apple pie. Complete with the flaky crust;)
  • Fifth Ward Groot Beer

    Scotch Ale · 8.0% ABV

    Classic Scotch Ale brewed with Fifth Ward's treatment of just a touch of root beer interesting and fun take on a classic style.
  • Fifth Ward Hades Secret

    Porter · 7.7% ABV

    To top it all off, we dose the beer with a chocolate mint tea until it’s just the right blend of cocoa and mint. By all means, go back for seconds.
  • Fifth Ward Half Baked Cookie Monster

    Amber Ale · 5.3% ABV

    Brewed with a huge portion of flaked oats, we’ve included everything but the kitchen sink in this cookie inspired amber ale...
  • Fifth Ward Hive Mind

    Blonde Ale · 4.8% ABV

    Honey blonde ale brewed with locally sourced clover honey.
  • Fifth Ward Hot Donna

    Red IPA · 6.7% ABV

    A heavy dose of Simcoe, Mosaic, and Chinook hops in three separate additions makes this crimson beauty the hottest thing on the block.
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Our goal is to bring you beer that explores the boundaries of style and tradition, as an expression of who we are, where we’re from, our past experience, and our vision for the future. But mostly, we want to bring you the best beer we can.

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