Aspall Cyder

Aspall Cyder

Aspall Hall, Debenham

  • Aspall is derived from a Saxon description of its environment. The aspen tree was prominent in the area and the Saxon word for land in the bend of a river or between two rivers is ‘halh’. Over time the two words to describe the area Aspen Halh became amalgamated to the single word ‘Aspall’. The recipe for Aspall’s unique blend of bittersweet and culinary apples has been handed down and developed through the generations to produce the super premium product that it is today. In the process, many different blends of fruit have been experimented with; from astringent heavy tannin cider apples such as Medaille d’Or through to dessert and culinary fruit like Cox and Bramley.

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    Aspall Dry Cider

    Cider · 6.8% · Aspall Hall, Debenham

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