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Detroit, MI

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  • Mini atwater vanilla java porter 6

    Atwater Vanilla Java Porter

    Porter · 5.0% ABV

    A creamy robust Porter made with chocolate malt and natural vanilla extract.
  • Mini atwater decadent dark chocolate ale

    Atwater Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale

    Porter · 5.5% ABV

    A rich, bot not overly sweet experience for both the beer and chocolate enthusiast.
  • Mini atwater dirty blonde ale 1

    Atwater Dirty Blonde Ale

    Blonde Ale · 4.2% ABV

    Made with unmalted wheat, coriander and orange peel to help you live smart and enjoy everyday.
  • Mini atwater blueberry cobbler

    Atwater Blueberry Cobbler

    Fruit Beer · 8.0% ABV

    Blueberry Cobbler is deceptively complex outing that features bready malts the dryness of fermented blueberries, light vanilla and blueberry aromatics.
  • Mini atwater whango 1

    Atwater Whango

    Witbier · 4.8% ABV

    There’s nothing complex about this beer: it’s a straightforward, pale wheat ale made with mango that finishes clean. A real easy drinker.
  • Mini atwater pumpkin spice latte 1

    Atwater Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Spiced Beer · 6.8% ABV

    Rich, clear red. Bubble. Nice lingering head. Smells like pumpkin spice. Full body. Tastes like a creamy pumpkin spice latte.
  • Mini atwater decadent dark chocolate ale nitro 1

    Atwater Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale Nitro

    Stout · 5.5% ABV

    Beer lovers and Chocoholics unite! It’s a decadent Atwater ale that ends with a dark chocolate kiss.
  • Mini atwater vanilla java porter nitro 1

    Atwater Vanilla Java Porter Nitro

    Porter · 5.5% ABV

    This malt Beverage is brewed with coffee beans with Natural Flavor added (Vanilla Extract), and we balance it with U.S. Golding Hops.
  • Mini atwater cherry stout

    Atwater Cherry Stout

    Stout · 6.5% ABV

    Cherry Stout is a blend of 6 malts combined with Montmorency Cherry concentrate from our home state of Michigan. A stout to be cherished. Open It!
  • Mini atwater traverse city cherry wheat

    Atwater Traverse City Cherry Wheat

    Wheat Ale · 5.4% ABV

    TC is the cherry capital of the world and now Montmorency Cherries from this colorful town in Michigan’s “Up North” have made their way into a wheat beer.
  • Mini atwater voodoovator

    Atwater VooDoo Vator

    Doppelbock · 8.5% ABV

    This one is black and sweet! Its malty character derives from two caramel malts, along with Munich malt, to create the smoothest high gravity beer.
  • Mini atwater hop a peel

    Atwater Hop-A-Peel

    IPA · 7.5% ABV

    Massively hopped IPA w/ citrus peel.
  • Mini atwater vj black imperial stout

    Atwater VJ Black Imperial Stout

    Imperial Stout · 11.0% ABV

    Thick, Black as Tar and Brewed with 6 different malts and Barley flakes and Magnum Hops.
  • Mini atwater blocktoberfest

    Atwater Blocktoberfest

    Oktoberfest · 6.3% ABV

    Absolutely traditional in design and execution, Atwater’s Bloktoberfest exhibits bready, nut-like characters with a clean, light sweetness brought to heel by a crisp hop finish.
  • Mini atwater lager

    Atwater Lager

    Dortmunder · 5.0% ABV

    Refreshing Munich-style Helles Lager–made in the Detroit tradition of German-Style lagers.
  • Mini atwater lebkuchen christmas ale 2

    Atwater Lebkuchen Christmas Ale

    Spiced Beer · 6.1% ABV

    Lebkuchen is a German holiday treat. Like trimming the tree, this beer should be part of every holiday tradition!
  • Mini atwater purple gang pilsner

    Atwater Purple Gang Pilsner

    Pilsner · 4.8% ABV

    A light malty sweetness yields to the fine flavor and aroma of the noble Tettnang hops.
  • Mini atwater d light kolsch

    Atwater D Light Kolsch

    Kolsch · 4.5% ABV

    Straw colored and light bodied with a crisp clean finish. Atwater carries on the long heritage of Detroit breweries by dedicating this creation to the "D".
  • Mini atwater mint double decadent chocolate ale 1

    Atwater Mint Double Decadent Chocolate ALE

    Brown Ale · 8.0% ABV

    Mint Double Decadent
  • Mini atwater conniption fit double ipa

    Atwater Conniption Fit Double IPA

    Double IPA · 8.0% ABV

    An American DIPA made locally, for those who tend towards the maltier side of life.
  • Mini atwater shaman s porter

    Atwater Shaman's Porter

    Porter · 6.0% ABV

    Atwater's newest Lager! A Porter traditionally brewed in the baltic region...
  • Mini atwater 1884 first brown ale 3

    Atwater 1884 First Brown Ale

    Brown Ale · 6.0% ABV

    The smoothest, finest brown ale you will ever taste! Created to recognize Pere Marquette River where the first brown trout in North America was planted in 1884.
  • Mini atwater black and cran 1

    Atwater Black and Cran

    Russian Imperial Stout · 9.0% ABV

    Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cranberry Imperial Stout
  • Mini atwater bourbon barrel shaman s porter

    Atwater Bourbon Barrel Shaman's Porter

    Porter · 6.8% ABV

    We use the finest ingredients including Munich, Chocolate, and Black Malts along with German Hops to create the smoothest Porter you ever tasted.
  • Mini atwater in the park hawaii 4 9 1

    Atwater in the Park Hawaii 4-9

    Pale Lager · 4.9% ABV

    Fruit Ale 14 IBU
  • Mini atwater michelada 1

    Atwater Michelada

    Fruit Beer · 5.2% ABV

    Our German style lager and McClure’s famous Bloody Mary Mix cohabitating in one vessel.
  • Mini atwater poorboy smoked porter 1

    Atwater Poorboy Smoked Porter

    Porter · 5.8% ABV

    Black with a light brown, frothy head. Heavy smoke and toasted malt aroma. Medium-bodied with a dry, smooth texture and flat carbonation.
  • Square mini atwater brewery f18adad4

    Atwater Raspberry Vanilla Java

    Porter · 5.0% ABV

  • Mini atwater shamen s porter barrel aged

    Atwater Shaman's Porter Barrel Aged

    Baltic Porter · 6.8% ABV

    Bourbon barrel aged, we use the finest ingredients including Munich, Chocolate and Black Malts along with German Hops to create the smoothest Porter.
  • Mini atwater vj black barrel aged imperial stout 1

    Atwater VJ Black Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

    Imperial Stout · 11.0% ABV

    Brewed in Detroit. Single Batch Series.
  • Mini atwater wrif lager

    Atwater WRIF Lager

    Traditional Ale · 5.5% ABV

    Atwater Brewery and WRIF both represent Detroit - hard working people with a passion for what they do every day.
  • Mini atwater 8 mile amber 2

    Atwater 8 Mile Amber

    Amber Ale · 4.8% ABV

  • Mini atwater better life choices 1

    Atwater Better Life Choices

    IPA · 7.5% ABV

    Unfiltered, Michigan style IPA made with Centennial hops and dry hopped with zithos hops. Huge grapefruit notes.
  • Mini atwater 1834 corktown rye 1

    Atwater Corktown Rye

    American Pale Ale · 6.2% ABV

    This best of both worlds brew mixes the spice of rye and the mild hop bite of an IPA into one almost too-good-to-be-true liquid. Expect hints of toffee sweetnes
  • Mini atwater detroit pale ale

    Atwater Detroit Pale Ale

    American Pale Ale · 5.5% ABV

    This well-balanced Pale Ale is a combination of both European and Northwest American hops.
  • Mini atwater going steady 2

    Atwater Going Steady

    IPA · 4.6% ABV

    A citrus laden sensory smack-down that goes well with just about everything you've got goin'.
  • Mini atwater hey diddle diddle 1

    Atwater Hey Diddle Diddle

    Wheat Ale · 4.8% ABV

    Brewed with oranges and apricots and finished with a touch of yeast and rose petals.
  • Mini atwater lip locked cherry stout 1

    Atwater Lip Locked Cherry Stout

    Stout · 6.0% ABV

    It’s not until the roasty, malty profile subsides that you’ll realize this seemingly light bodied brew carries some serious bite...
  • Mini atwater maibock 8

    Atwater Maibock

    Helles Bock · 7.5% ABV

    A traditional german helles bock, golden in color and brewed with only the finest imported malt and hops. The distinct malty sweetness is balanced by a pronounced hop finish...
  • Mini atwater maple vanilla java porter 1

    Atwater Maple Vanilla Java Porter

    Porter · 5.0% ABV

    A robust Porter made with chocolate malt. This malt Beverage is brewed with coffee beans with Natural Flavor added (Vanilla Extract), and we balance it with U.S. Golding Hops...
  • Mini michigunder 1

    Atwater Michigunder

    Dortmunder · 5.6% ABV

    Classic, German-style Dortmunder lager that is golden in color, well-balanced, bright, and snappy.
  • Mini atwater ruta maya 2

    Atwater Ruta Maya Dark

    Schwarzbier · 5.5% ABV

    Schwarzbier (Black Lager) brewed with coffee.
  • Mini atwater blueberry blonde ale 2

    Atwater Blueberry Blonde Ale

    Fruit Beer · 6.0% ABV

    Not too sweet like other blueberry beers.Nice aroma and light taste. Very light beer.
  • Mini atwater decadent chocolate ale 1

    Atwater Decadent Chocolate Ale

    Porter · 5.5% ABV

    The result is a rich, but not overtly sweet, experience for both the beer and the chocolate enthusiast.
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About the brewery

Located in Detroit’s historic Rivertown district, and housed in a 1919 factory warehouse, Atwater Brewery was founded in March of 1997 with the purpose of carrying on the rich history of breweries in Detroit. Our brewing process, however, is over 200 years old.

Our imported Kasper Schultz brew house allows us to brew our brands in the true heritage-style of traditional German lagers. And, when we say, “imported brew house,” we mean it! All of our main brewing equipment was brought in from Germany, where precision and passion for beer has its roots. In fact, when we have service calls on our equipment, we call in the Germans!

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