Big Bay Brewing Company

Shorewood, WI

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  • Mini big bay fun as helles 1

    Big Bay Fun As Helles

    Maibock · 8.5% ABV

  • Mini big bay long weekend

    Big Bay Long Weekend

    IPA · 5.5% ABV

    A very well balanced and enjoyable IPA, with a nod to the original heavily hopped English style ale.
  • Mini big bay wavehopper

    Big Bay Wavehopper

    Kolsch · 4.8% ABV

    The Kölsch style beer was originally brewed in the Köln area of Germany. Our Wavehopper Kölsch has subtle hop and malty aromas...
  • Mini milwaukee brewing co increase wheat 1

    Milwaukee Increase Wheat

    Berliner Weisse · 3.1% ABV

    This thirst-quencher is brewed with Gooseberries for an added tartness that compliments the lightly bready and sweet flavor from the wheat and grain base.
  • Mini big bay angry molly imperial stout 1

    Big Bay Angry Molly Imperial Stout

    Imperial Stout · 9.0% ABV

    The Russians tangle with the Irish in this hybrid Imperial Stout. Its brew and name take inspiration from a certain feisty lass, at once sweet with deep bitter complexity...
  • Mini big bay boatilla

    Big Bay Boatilla

    4.8% ABV

    Our Boatilla Amber Ale is brewed using a blend of Pale 2 Row and Cara Munich malts that give it a beautiful, deep reddish hue. It’s well balanced, but has a bolder maltiness than our Kölsch...
  • Mini big bay deep dubbel 1

    Big Bay Deep Dubbel

    Dubbel · 10.7% ABV

  • Mini big bay portside porter

    Big Bay Portside Porter

    Porter · 4.8% ABV

    Portside a perfect beer for these cold Wisconsin winters. It's a much more drinkable mild brown porter that takes its cues from a stronger traditional beer.
  • Mini big bay summer tide

    Big Bay Summer Tide

    4.8% ABV

    Wonderfully light and refreshing wheat ale with notes of citrus, banana and clove. We've "rolled in" a generous hop bit that nicely balances with the subtle creamy sweetness from the wheat and malt.

About the brewery

The name Big Bay Brewing was uncovered in one of our longer story sessions. The name itself sort of became a catalyst for us actually moving forward with the project. It made everything seem so much more real, and it allowed us to apply not only our passion for beer, but also our passion for life.

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