BarrelHouse Brewing Company

Paso Robles, CA

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  • BarrelHouse Curly Wolf

    Imperial Stout · 9.4% ABV

    Creamy and complex, this Russian Imperial Stout was aged in 11 year old bourbon barrels for 6 months until the time was just right.
  • BarrelHouse IPA

    IPA · 7.2% ABV

    Like our Pale, we want you to first inhale, close your eyes and dig deep, take in all that dank, herbal, and mango hop goodness.
  • BarrelHouse Juicy IPA

    IPA · 6.5% ABV

    This IPA boasts a complex mouthfeel, low bitterness, and an extremely juicy aroma.
  • BarrelHouse Mango IPA

    IPA · 6.2% ABV

    A crushable balance of citrus hops, mango goodness, and smooth finish truly puts this beer in a league of its own
  • BarrelHouse Big Sur

    Double IPA · 9.6% ABV

    Big Sur, a masterpiece of colossal redwoods, treacherous cliffs, and dangerous surf breaks...
  • BarrelHouse Cream Stout

    Sweet Stout · 5.8% ABV

    We nailed it! At least that’s what are customers keep telling us...
  • BarrelHouse Othello

    Sour Ale · 8.7% ABV

    Bourbon barrel aged dark sour.
  • BarrelHouse Apricot Blonde Sour (No. 1402)

    Sour Ale · 6.7% ABV

    Apricot blonde sour, 100% fermented in wine barrels. The classic brett earthy funk gives way to layers of ripe apricot and white chocolate oak character.
  • BarrelHouse BIG SUR DOUBLE IPA

    Double IPA · 9.6% ABV

    Big Sur, a masterpiece of colossal redwoods, treacherous cliffs, and dangerous surf breaks.
  • BarrelHouse Blonde Ale

    Blonde Ale · 5.0% ABV

    This blonde is pumped full of delicious flavor. This is a craft beer drinker’s blonde.
  • BarrelHouse Bomber Stout

    Stout · 6.0% ABV

    Creamy | Chocolate | Fig. Since the first batch our people can’t get enough of this creamy and slightly hoppy BarrelHouse Stout...
  • BarrelHouse Cherry Flanders

    Sour Ale · 7.4% ABV

  • BarrelHouse Cold Brew Coffee and Chocolate Stout Nitro

    Stout · 6.0% ABV

    A fairly strong, highly roasted dark stout with pronounced bitterness.
  • BarrelHouse Heidbanger

    Scotch Ale · 6.4% ABV

    This malt focused Red Rye Scotch Ale was aged to perfection in rye whiskey barrels to impart big caramel, oak, and whiskey flavors.
  • BarrelHouse Helena Brett Blonde

    Sour Ale · 6.7% ABV

    The sheer variety of fruits, funk, and earth character leads one to wonder how this beer was crafted without actual fruit.
  • BarrelHouse IPAngo

    IPA · 7.0% ABV

    We crafted this delicious unfiltered IPA with our favorite hops. Mosaic, Simcoe, and Cascade deliver the dank hoppy goodness that we love...
  • BarrelHouse JUICY IPA

    NE/Hazy IPA · 6.5% ABV

    This IPA boasts a complex mouthfeel, low bitterness, and an incredibly juicy aroma.
  • BarrelHouse Kolsch

    Kolsch · 5.6% ABV

    Introducing our Kolsch Style Ale, the lightest and cleanest beer in our portfolio. Similar to a traditional European style Kolsch, but with a West Coast Kiwi spin on it...
  • BarrelHouse Malbec Sour Ale

    Sour Ale · 7.2% ABV

    More than 500 pounds of Malbec grapes went into this amazing sour ale. Aroma of wine grapes and fruity brett billow from the glass balanced with an appreciable acidity and smooth finish.
  • BarrelHouse Pale Ryder

    American Pale Ale · 6.1% ABV

    What makes our Rye Style Pale Ale memorable is it’s incredibly unique aroma...
  • BarrelHouse Really Nelson

    NE/Hazy IPA · 5.2% ABV

    DDH hazy
  • BarrelHouse Riesling Blonde Sour Ale

    Sour Ale · 7.1% ABV

    This fruit forward blonde sour is a blend of both white wine barrel and foeder fermented beers.
  • BarrelHouse Rosiline (No. 1411)

    Sour Ale · 6.1% ABV

    Strawberry rose sour aged in French Oak. Local vine-ripened strawberries accompany this Central Coast Wild Ale...
  • BarrelHouse Stout

    Stout · 6.0% ABV

    Nitro.Since the first batch, our people can’t get enough of this creamy, complex, drinkable stout...
  • BarrelHouse Strawberry Daze - Blonde Ale

    Blonde Ale · 5.6% ABV

    No matter the season, we always crave juicy red strawberries! Light and balanced, with a slight pink hue and mouth-watering strawberry character, this Strawberry Blonde is beyond delicious.
  • BarrelHouse Sunny Daze

    Blonde Ale · 5.0% ABV

    We hand crafted this delicious tropical blonde with clementine oranges and fresh local orange blossom honey.
  • BarrelHouse Templeton

    Kolsch · 4.5% ABV

    Templeton is crafted to be highly sessionable with a light balanced body and clean refreshing finish.
  • BarrelHouse Templeton Kolsch

    Kolsch · 4.5% ABV

    Templeton is crafted highly sessionable w/ a light balanced body & clean refreshing finish.Select malts & hops add subtle biscuit character w/ notes of pear.
  • Boss Cox Double IPA

    8.6% ABV

    In the early 20th century, Cincinnati was presided over by the strong armed political power broker George "Boss" Cox...
  • BarrelHouse Apricot Chamomile Sour

    Sour Ale · 8.9% ABV

    This Apricot Chamomile Sour's life began more than two years ago as a "Belgian Quad" that we then aged with Brett and fresh juicy Apricots...
  • BarrelHouse Bacchus

    Belgian Strong Ale · 9.2% ABV

    A typical Flemish beer with a pleasant wine-like taste and a rich past. This dark brown beer, which is matured in oak casks, has a slightly acid aftertaste.
  • BarrelHouse Barrel Aged Curly Wolf

    Barrel Aged · 10.1% ABV

    Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
  • BarrelHouse Barrel Hazy

    Hazy IPA · 7.0% ABV

  • BarrelHouse Barrel House

    Brown Ale · 5.0% ABV

    A malty beer with just enough hop presence to keep it balanced. The aroma mostly comes from the malt with a hint of spice added by the hops.
  • BarrelHouse Barrel House Chocolate Boysenberry Tart

    Berliner Weisse · 5.9% ABV

    This fruit-forward kettle sour was crafted with the ripest of boysenberries and infused with lactose and oats, creating a slight berry acidity perfectly balanced with a silky smooth mouthfeel...
  • BarrelHouse BarrellHouse Snake

    Cream Ale · 6.9% ABV

    Snake Bite, a delicious mash-up of cider and craft beer...
  • BarrelHouse Beercation

    NE/Hazy IPA · 6.5% ABV

    Beercation Pineapple Juicy IPA is chock-full of fresh pineapple goodness complementing its tropical character.
  • BarrelHouse Belgian Golden Strong Ale

    Belgian Strong Ale · 8.9% ABV

  • BarrelHouse Berry Session Saiso

    Saison · 4.8% ABV

    Brewed with wild blackberries and raspberries
  • BarrelHouse Berry Session Saison

    Saison · 4.8% ABV

    Brewed with wild blackberries and raspberries.
  • BarrelHouse BIG SUR DIPA BHBC

    Double IPA · 9.6% ABV

    Big Sur, a masterpiece of colossal redwoods, treacherous cliffs, and dangerous surf breaks.
  • BarrelHouse Big Sur IIPA

    Double IPA · 9.6% ABV

    A masterpiece of colossal redwoods, treacherous cliffs, and dangerous surf breaks. Brewed big to stand up to life's most rewarding adventures.
  • BarrelHouse Bourbon Berry Jam Sour - Barrel-Aged

    Sour Ale · 8.0% ABV

    Barrel-aged, tart berry explosion
  • BarrelHouse Brazz Monkey

    Blonde Ale · 5.0% ABV

  • BarrelHouse Brew Harvest

    Porter · 6.8% ABV

    Created in the Forager Spirit, this spiced brown porter is crafted with fresh local spices and hand roasted pumpkins.
  • BarrelHouse British Pale Ale

    English Pale Ale · 5.4% ABV

  • BarrelHouse Brut IPA

    Brut IPA · 6.0% ABV

    We used 100% Amarillo dry hop for a fruity, tangerine-like character exclusive to our Brut IPA.
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