Two James Spirits

Detroit, MI

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  • Two James 28 Island Vodka

    Vodka · 41.0% ABV

    28 Island Vodka is carefully crafted from a blend of 70% corn and 30% organic winter wheat and distilled with the finest American-made copper pot still...
  • Two James Catcher's Rye

    Rye Whiskey · 49.0% ABV

    Distilled from 100% MICHIGN rye and pure water from the great lakes. With delicious spice notes and a subtle fig finish.
  • Two James Grass Widow

    Bourbon · 45.5% ABV

  • Two James Johnny Smoking Gun

    Whisk(e)y · 43.5% ABV

    Michigan- Johnny Smoking Gun is a blend of corn whiskey and rye and blended with three Asian teas which gives it a smokey finish. Best sipped neat or on the rocks...
  • Two James J. Riddle Peated Bourbon

    Bourbon · 45.5% ABV

  • Two James Nain Rouge Absinthe Verte

    Absinthe · 60.0% ABV

    Traditional French liqueur distilled with Wormwood, Fennel, Green Anise, and over 100 pounds of botanicals to create a spirit that has an unfathomable depth of flavor and complexity. 120 Proof.
  • Two James Old Cockney

    London Dry Gin · 41.0% ABV

    Old Cockney is a contemporary style gin crafted from a base of organic winter wheat...
  • Two James Rye Dog White Whiskey

    Rye Whiskey · 50.5% ABV

    Grain to Bottle, unaged, 100% Michigan Rye. Possesses floral and citrus notes