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  • Mini kumesen distillery meiyo 17 year single grain whiskey 1

    Kumesen Distillery Meiyo 17 Year Single Grain Whiskey

    Japanese Whiskey · 42.0% ABV

    It has more of that Japanese tropical fruit profile. Coconuts and other tropical notes come from the ingredients we use from our Japanese island...
  • Mini kumesen kujira 20 year old ryukyu whiskey 1

    Kumesen Kujira 20 Year Old Ryukyu Whiskey

    Japanese Whiskey · 43.0% ABV

    Founded in 1952, Kumesen Syuzo started on distilling Awamori which is a distilled alcoholic beverage indigenous made with Indica rice and unique to Okinawa islands of Japan, also know as Ryuku isla...

About the distillery

Our products are single grain. That’s special to Kumesen Distillery, because they have an Indica rice that’s unique to them that they use to make their whisky. That’s adding innovation to the category, because we hadn’t yet seen an extremely aged single-grain Japanese whisky. It’s caught the attention of connoisseurs. It’s so different but tastes very good. We’re filling in a need by bringing back more age statements and innovating in a category that hasn’t had as much innovation yet. Chita from Suntory has a single grain, but it’s not nearly as old as ours.

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