Barr An Uisce

Wicklow, Ireland

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About the distillery

From the place where the grass is ‘a green’ like no other green in the world. A place entombed in ice for thousands of years and then sculpted by giant glaciers. Today, if you are lucky enough to stand at the church door of St. Patricks Barraniskey at sunset, you will see just why Co. Wicklow is called the Garden of Ireland.
The Irish words “Barr an Uisce” (pronounced Bar on Ishka) literal English translation is “above the water”. It is also the Irish name given to Barraniskey, which is a townland set in the heart of the beautiful County of Wicklow, on the East Coast of Ireland. The Irish word “Uisce“ or “water” in English, was used during the time Irish monks first distilled what we now know as whiskey. The monks called it “Uisce Beatha” meaning water of life.

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