Casa Noble Tequila (Cofradia)

La Cofradia, Mexico

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All spirits · Casa Noble Tequila (Cofradia)

  • Casa Noble Alta Belleza Extra Añejo

    Tequila · 46.0% ABV

    Hand crafted 100% blue agave. Coppery red color. Green apple, anise, cinnamon, nuts and banana on the nose...
  • Casa Noble Añejo

    Añejo · 40.0% ABV

    Casa Noble nurtures and harvests 100% Blue Weber agave in the rich, volcanic soil of Jalisco, Mexico for a consistently smooth flavor with unique characteristics and aromatic essences...
  • Casa Noble Blanco

    Tequila · 40.0% ABV

    Perfect for sipping, this Blanco tequila is elegantly balanced and smooth, with a sweet agave presence and hint of citrus.
  • Casa Noble Crystal

    Tequila · 40.0% ABV

    100% Single Estate Blue Agave, triple distilled for a superior taste. This Blanco is in a class by itself.
  • Casa Noble Joven

    Tequila · 51.0% ABV

    Notes of earthy, rich cooked agave pair perfectly with sweet floral and tropical fruit notes...
  • Casa Noble Reposado

    Tequila · 40.0% ABV

    Casa Noble Reposado Tequila is filled with character and aged in French oak barrels, resulting in a wide variety of beautiful aromas.
  • Casa Noble Single Barrel Añejo

    Tequila · 40.0% ABV

    The aging process begins by using only the finest, hand-selected French white oak barrels that are lightly charred for the optimal aging of our tequila...
  • Casa Noble Single Barrel Reposado

    Tequila · 40.0% ABV

    Tequila the way it’s been enjoyed for 7 generations—bottled straight from one truly unique barrel...