BeerMenus + Rockaway Collabo Beer: Needle In A HopStack


April 22, 2017, Saturday from 2:00PM - 4:00PM


No Entrance Fee


About this Event

Come meet the BeerMenus team at Rockaway Brewing and drink a Juicy IPA they brewed together featuring Motueka, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops.

From Rockaway Brewing:

On Saturday, 4/22, we’ll be dropping cans of the newest beer in our rotating can series: Tidal Variation #1. We’ll also be inviting IPA superstar and beer writer extraordinaire, Joshua Bernstein to swing through and talk on a subject he’s all too familiar with: the IPA. Joshua will have copies of his book for sale at a greatly discounted rate of $12 (retail: $20), and when you buy a book, you also get $3 off a 4-pack of Tidal Variation #1! Here’s a quick preview of what we’ll be serving:

Needle in a Hopstack – A Juicy IPA brewed with the guys over at It’s double dry-hopped and contains Montueka, Mosaic & Simcoe.

Tidal Variation #1 – An IPA solely hopped with Denali. $18/4-pack, or $15 with the purchase of Joshua Bernstein’s “Complete IPA.” Cans only, but samples available in-house.

Zythos: Warrior Princess – Our collaboration with 61 Local exclusively for their 6th anniversary party on the 21st – except for the little bit we’re keeping in-house. :) Brewed with Zythos and Warrior.

Denalito – A session IPA brewed with Denali & Mosaic.

Beers Available at this Event