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Updated: 08/30/2015

On Tap: 26

On Tap ABV Served In Price
21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon 4.9 16oz. Draft $6.00
We start by brewing a classic American wheat beer, which undergoes a traditional secondary fermentation using fresh watermelon that delivers a very unique refreshing fruity taste.
Abita Select Macchiato Espresso Milk Stout 6.0 16oz. Draft $7.00
PJ's Coffee espresso dolce beans are added to this oatmeal milk stout for a roasty, full-bodied, smooth finish.
Alpine Ale 5.5 16oz. Draft $7.50
Our namesake ale represents everything a good, well balanced pale ale should be: malty but not too sweet, refreshing but not too bitter, full-bodied but not too heavy, lively but not over carbonated. A clean, everyday beer that leaves your palate begging for more.
Avery The Maharaja 10.2 13oz. Draft $9.00
Maharaja is derived from the sanskrit words mahat, meaning “great”, and rajan, meaning “king”. Much like its namesake, this imperial IPA is regal, intense and mighty. With hops and malts as his servants, he rules both with a heavy hand... more
Barrier Rotationer 5.0 16oz. Draft $6.50
The Rotationer Series revolves classic and esoteric hop varietals around a center axis; The Pilsner. The straw golden color of German malt coupled with soft mineral rich water and bottom fermenting yeast will not change. The liberal hopping of domestic and imported flowers will... more
Bavik Pils 5.0 20oz. Draft $7.50
A light flavored beer, smooth and malty. Clean finish, with a light malt aftertaste.
Cigar City Horchata Nitro 6.6 16oz. Draft $7.50
Ale brewed with rice and lactose with cinnamon and vanilla added
Cigar City Hotter Than Helles 5.0 16oz. Draft $7.00
Our Munich Lager is a nod to the thirst quenching lagers of Germany. Our Helles has a sweet malt expression that is balanced by floral bitterness from the use of German Hallertaur Mittelfruh hops. A very refreshing beer that will also entice you by its subtle complexity and drinkability.
Delirium Tremens 8.5 13oz. Draft $9.00
Pale blond; the fine and regular effervesce ensures a fine and stable head. Slightly malty, spicy, and with a nice touch of alcohol. It feels like the sound: “shot of alcohol” is igniting the mouth, but in reality, the tongue and palate are flooded by a warming sensation... more
Dogfish Head Midas Touch 9.0 13oz. Draft $8.00
A 3000 year old beer? Midas Touch Golden Elixir is a beverage based on the residue found on the drinking vessels in King Midas' tomb. Our recipe highlights the known ingredients of barley, white Muscat grapes, honey and saffron... more
Guinness 4.2 16oz. Draft $6.50
The unmistakeable deep-dark color, the crisp hint of roasted barley, the fresh breeze of hops, and the refreshing bite all make for the bittersweet reward.
Gulden Draak 9000 10.5 13oz. Draft $10.00
An enrichment of the Gulden Draak range. An ode to the past and to the city of (9000) GHENT The Gulden Draak is named after the gilded statue on top of the belltower of Ghent. Such eminent symbol, that has been standing firm for over 6 centuries, deserves equally grand beers... more
HeBrew David’s Slingshot Hoppy American Lager 5.5 16oz. Draft $6.50
The 6-pointed Brewers Star blends fire, water, malt, yeast, hops, and the character of the brewer. In the spirit of a slew of Dards & Slingshots. Shmaltz hoists our tribute to the glories of Summer… L’Chaim!
Humboldt Red Nectar 5.4 16oz. Draft $6.50
This American Amber Ale has a floral aroma, distinctive accents of toasted malt, caramel, spice and a sweetness to appease those demanding taste buds.
Kona Longboard Lager 4.6 16oz. Draft $6.50
Longboard Island Lager is a smooth refreshing lager fermented and aged for weeks at cold temperatures to yield its exceptionally smooth flavor. A delicate, slightly spicy hop aroma complements the malty body of this beer.
Maine Beer Peeper 5.5 13oz. Draft $8.00
A hoppy American ale that is dry, clean, and well-balanced with a generous dose of American hops including Amarillo, Cascade, and Centennial.
McKenzie's Green Apple Hard Cider 6.0 16oz. Draft $6.50
McKenzie's Green Apple Hard Cider has quite the kick. Maybe it's the deliciously crisp, slightly tart bite of green apples or the 6% alcohol.
Newburgh India Cream Ale 6.3 16oz. Draft $6.50
A hopped up version of the Newburgh Cream Ale. Hopped with Sorachi Ace Hops.
Oyster Bay Honey Ale 5.0 16oz. Draft $6.50
Made with real honey from local beekeepers. Smooth finish, honey flavor, medium color.
Schlafly Summer Lager 4.5 16oz. Draft $6.50
A bright, golden German lager with a mild lemony, spicy flavor perfect for summertime.
Shipyard Monkey Fist IPA 6.9 16oz. Draft $6.50
This beer is brilliant copper in color and exploding with Warrior, Glacier and Cascade hop character but able to maintain a beautiful balance.
Speakeasy The Accomplice 7.6 13oz. Draft $7.00
Dark sweet malt and fruity yeast esters dominate, producing aromas of dark rye bread, plums, cooked peaches and treacle. Malts take the foreground and fruity esters step back, leaving flavors of dark breads, fruit cake, crème brulee and currants.
St. Bernardus Extra 4 4.8 13oz. Draft $8.00
Extra 4 is a classic Belgian “Single” style, light golden in color, full of flavor and character and brewed with more hops and bitterness in comparison to the other well known St Bernardus abbey ales.
The Lark-Greenport Harbor Cash Kolsch 16oz. Draft $5.00
Weihenstephaner Kristallweissbier 5.4 20oz. Draft $7.50
In our golden-yellow crystal-clear wheat beer the fresh citrus flavour harmonises very well with spicy banana notes. The fine sparkling gives it a tangy and animated appearance. Throughout summer and winter, it’s a prickling experience... more
Wittekerke Belgian Wheat 5.0 16oz. Draft $7.50
Aromas of orange and spices. Flavors of more initial citrus, prior to a light, if pleasant note of coriander, prior to a spritzer, refreshingly fruity, finish.

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