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Updated: 05/14/2015

Growlers: 8

Glass bottles filled with draft beer to bring home.
Growlers ABV Served In Price
Against the Grain Bhretto Blaster 6.5 64oz. Growler $12.99
Brett'd Ale, sure to blast your taste buds!
Against the Grain We Shuck On The First Date 6.6 64oz. Growler $9.99
The beginning is a solid oatmeal stout. Plenty of roasted barley & chocolate malt lend rich, roasty flavors to this beer. Generous oat additions give it a creamy fullness. A hint of smoke comes from our house smoked pecan and alder malt... more
Country Boy Alpha Experiment Citra 7.0 64oz. Growler $10.99
Dark body. Big chocolate nose and taste. Followed by the nice subtle touch of blueberry from the hops.
Country Boy Nacho Bait 4.9 64oz. Growler $11.99
Nacho Bait, aged in barrels with fresh habaneros, has blonde beer--paler in color and milder in taste--as its base.
Country Boy Squirrely 5.5 64oz. Growler $9.99
Belgian Pale Ale
Dark Horse Raspberry Ale 5.0 64oz. Growler $10.99
IBU's: 20, A light ale made with 100% real raspberries in every batch. The rasberries give this beer a fruity aroma while keeping the beer balanced in taste. The raspberry flavor is not "oversweet" or "overpowering". We believe our beers should be "beer 1st,fruit 2nd".
Dark Horse Sapient Trip Ale 9.5 64oz. Growler $11.99
IBU's: 68, Why is the Grim Reaper holding a mailbox? Well, that mailbox is from a dead Dark Horse beer. The Grim Reaper better know as "Death" was quite fond of our classic Sapient Summer Wheat Ale... more
HammerHeart Barrel-Aged Flanary's Brew 7.5 64oz. Growler $11.99
A beer in honor of a dear friend, a holy man of sorts, a father, a musician and generally one hell of a man. "Flanary's Brew" is a mildly smoked oatmeal stout fermented with Irish ale yeast.

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