Off Color Myshka

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Off Color Myshka Beer
  • Off Color Brewing

    Chicago, IL

  • Stout · 3.5% ABV

    Session Stout, full of dark, rich specialty malts, with layers of flavor like you’d find in an RIS. Except it’s only 3.5%. (Booyah!)

    Myshka Russian Serf Stout. 3.5% ABV. $8/4-packs.

    Russian Folktales was a collection of, well, Russian folktales put together in the same vein as Brother’s Grimm work on Grimm’s Fairytales. Included is The Gigantic Turnip by Aleksey Tolstoy (no, not the one you’re thinking of…but they are distant relatives. This one exposed the Nazis for being awful and was instrumental for the Nuremberg Trials). The story tells the tale of a farmer who grows a turnip so big he can’t pull it out of the ground. So the grandmother pulls on the grandfather who pulls on the turnip. They can’t pull it out of the ground so to granddaughter pulls on the grandmother who pulls on the grandfather who pulls on the turnip. Then the dog pulls on the granddaughter. And the cat pulls on the dog. You get it and in Russian they all rhyme. Finally, the smallest, weakest creature on the farm comes along, our intrepid little mouse, and with her help they accomplish their goal through collective action. We honor her with this smallest, weakest Russian Imperial Stout made for us little people just trying to get along, pulling up turnips.

    Also, we put Russian Serf Stout on the label because we got a lot of emails from people arguing you can’t make a 3.5% RIS and we don’t feel like going through all that again.

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