Untappd for Business: The Definitive Guide

Last updated January 15, 2020 · By Eric Stephens

Public information about Untappd for Business isn't easy to find.

Whether you're curious about how it works, the cost, how to try it out, alternatives, or how to get started, finding that information is just plain hard. You certainly won't find much on Untappd's website.

This is frustrating for small business owners, for whom every penny counts. If they're going to make an investment, they need to know what that investment entails.

This article is the most exhaustive description of Untappd for Business available. Use it to learn about Untappd for Business and to consider whether it could be right for your business.

What is Untappd for Business?

Untappd for Business is a subscription service that launched in 2016 after Next Glass acquired the beer social network Untappd. Businesses that pay for the subscription are marked as "verified" on Untappd, can list beer menus and events on Untappd, and have access to digital menu boards, printable menus, website menu, and Facebook and Twitter integrations.

Does Untappd for Business offer a free trial or free plan?

There's no free plan, but you may get a free trial in some cases. In order to use Untappd for Business, you have to request a sales demo, take the demo, and then pay. If you’re unsure of whether Untappd for Business is a good fit for your business, you could request monthly billing or ask for a free trial. We've heard from some businesses that they received a free trial.

What’s the best way to learn about Untappd for Business features without talking with a sales person?

You can learn more about how Untappd for Business works on their help site, but there is not a ton of information available.

What alternatives are there to Untappd for Business?

Businesses considering Untappd for Business often also consider BeerMenus.

BeerMenus offers a free plan, enables you to try all features without talking with a sales person (you can enter your email and immediately get started), and will provide support and custom design help before you sign up for any paid plan.

See how Untappd for Business compares to BeerMenus.

How does Untappd for Business explain its return on investment?

Untappd for Business sales people suggest that each beer check-in from a first time visitor received after signing up for Untappd for Business is revenue you wouldn’t have received if you hadn’t paid for Untappd for Business.

That's certainly circular. An example will likely help.

Here's something they may say: in the first 3 months after becoming a Verified Venue, your bar had 263 check-ins from first time visitors. Those check-ins totaled over $1,500 in new revenue (assuming each beer is $6).

At first glance, nothing seems off there, but there's a wolf in sheep's clothing and it's that "first time visitor" language.

Basically, the math makes one big assumption: it assumes that every person who checked-in for the first time at your business after you signed up for Untappd for Business wouldn't have checked-in if you hadn't signed up for Untappd for Business.

In other words, they're saying none of these 263 folks would have come into your business if you had not become verified on Untappd for Business.

It's extremely unlikely this is the case—folks are likely checking in at your bar or restaurant already (Untappd will tell you about this activity), and since you're not yet signed up for Untappd for Business, that means they found you when you were not verified. These folks have come in for some reason, that's for sure, but it's because you've done something right. It's not because of Untappd; they just happen to be using Untappd to log the beer they're drinking after they've arrived (learn more about how people use Untappd vs. BeerMenus).

This is not to say there's no opportunity for growth through Untappd for Business; there very well could be. But the fact is that Untappd attempts to take credit for the hard work you've already put in.

To truly understand the new revenue attributable to your Untappd for Business subscription, you’d need to know how many of these first time visitors came to your business because you were verified on Untappd.

You can never know this for sure, but one way to estimate this would be to see how many first time visitors you generally had each month prior to becoming verified and then compare that to the number you see after you become verified. The difference could be attributable to being verified on Untappd.

You should also ask your Untappd sales person how many monthly first time visitors and monthly check-ins local verified businesses near you have had in recent months and if they increased after they became verified. Compare those to the number of first time visitors you're already seeing on Untappd to see if there's room for improvement. If there is, you might consider trying Untappd for Business. And don't forget you can ask for a free trial and monthly billing to test whether you see real increase in new customers before committing to pay for a year.

What does Untappd for Business cost?

The list price has been reported to be $599 per year, but their help docs indicate they offer monthly and annual billing. They don’t list prices publicly, and we’ve heard from many businesses that pricing is open to negotiation.

What is a Verified Venue? Is it free?

Venues are considered "Verified" on Untappd if they pay for Untappd for Business. There is no free way to be a Verified Venue.

How can I cancel a Untappd for Business subscription?

If you would like to cancel your subscription, their help doc instructs you to review their SaaS agreement and then send an email to engage@untappd.com.

The SaaS agreement states:

“Either Party may terminate or not renew any Services order upon thirty (30) days’ prior written notice.”

“For any Services order renewal term, Customer hereby authorizes Untappd, or its designee, to charge Customer’s account for such non-refundable Fee on a recurring basis consistent with this Agreement using the account information Customer previously provided to Untappd.”

Translating that into actual English: your subscription fees are non-refundable and charged in advance.

Also alarming: you need to cancel 30 days in advance of a renewal date or else you'll be charged again without recourse.

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