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Untappd for Business price increase

Last updated January 12, 2024 · By Dylan Blake

Published Spring 2023

In Winter 2021 Untappd for Business increased their price from $599 to $899 (a 50% increase). Less than 2 years later, they have now adopted a new two-tier pricing structure: Untappd for Business Essentials ($899/year) and Untappd for Business Premium ($1199/year).

The limitations built into this new two-tier system mean many businesses who were previously at $899/year will have to move up to $1199/year to keep using Untappd the same way they had been.

BeerMenus, a popular Untappd alternative with many of the same features (in addition to some features Untappd doesn't offer), costs $599 per year.

BeerMenus is in no way affiliated with Untappd for Business.

Keep reading to learn more about the differences between the two plans.

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Why the increase?

Untappd does not list its prices publicly on its website or in its help docs. You can figure out pricing by talking to other businesses and asking what they paid. They have not stated why they increased their pricing.

However, this much is known: Untappd has a parent company (Next Glass), and that parent company has received "significant" investment from the growth equity fund of a private equity firm.

Is this price increase part of a pattern?

About two years ago Untappd for Business increased its prices by 50%. They've now effectively increased them again.

Related to this are the terms bars, restaurants, and breweries agree to when they sign up for Untappd for business.

We encourage you to read the Untappd for Business SaaS agreement to understand more about these terms, and are happy to report that there is another option for beer promotion and menu creation that doesn't have such terms: BeerMenus, a more affordable Untappd alternative.

What Untappd alternatives are there?

BeerMenus is a more affordable Untappd alternative (the maximum you'll pay is $599/year) that offers businesses very similar tools while treating them like partners.

On top of that, BeerMenus:

Learn more about the differences between BeerMenus and Untappd, or try it free by getting started below 👇:

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Get similar (and better) tools for $599/year.

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