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Untappd for Business price increase

Last updated October 20, 2022 · By Dylan Blake

Published February 2022

Untappd has increased its prices to $899/year for all businesses on Untappd, including businesses that have been their customers for years.

This is a significant (50%) price increase—previously, Untappd’s pricing was $599 per year (though in some cases they were known to cut deals, offer monthly pricing, etc.)

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Why the increase?

Untappd does not make its pricing public and they have not stated why they increased their pricing.

However, this much is known: Untappd is owned by a private equity company, so they operate with a private equity mindset.

Translation: profits rank above all else, and they see an opportunity here to charge their customers more, so they’re taking it.

Is this price increase out of character?

Unfortunately not. Here are some things bars, restaurants, and breweries agree to when they sign up for Untappd for business:

  • Your membership fees are nonrefundable. Say, for example, you forget to cancel your membership and it automatically bills again. According to Untappd’s SAAS agreement, your membership fees are not refundable. (Note: It’s possible these terms violate automatic renewal laws in much of the US.)
  • If you want to cancel your membership, you must inform Untappd 30 days prior to your renewal date. If you fail to do this, Untappd can and will charge you for your membership.
  • If your payment is late by any amount of time, Untappd reserves the right to assess a 1.5% late fee on your membership fee. So if the card you have on file is out of date, you had to replace it because it was compromised, etc. and they can’t bill you on schedule, you could be assessed a late fee.

What Untappd alternatives are there?

BeerMenus is a more affordable Untappd alternative (the maximum you'll pay is $599/year) that offers businesses very similar tools while treating them like partners instead of profit opportunities.

On top of that, BeerMenus:

Learn more about the differences between BeerMenus and Untappd, or try it free by getting started below 👇:

Get untrappd from Untappd with BeerMenus

Get similar (and better) tools at a more affordable price.

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