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Rochester, NY

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  • Mini rohrbach griddle cakes 1

    Rohrbach Griddle Cakes

    Wheat Ale · 5.2% ABV

    A blueberry maple wheat ale that pairs perfectly with your morning pancakes.
  • Mini rohrbach kasey s kristmas ale

    Rohrbach Kasey's Kristmas Ale

    Winter Warmer · 5.0% ABV

    It boasts chocolate and coffee flavors which are balanced by the crisp zest of hops, finishing with the semi-tart cherry taste.
  • Mini rohrbach citra dipa 1

    Rohrbach Citra DIPA

    Double IPA · 8.1% ABV

    Dark orange, hazy, with lace. Big citra nose, lemon, orange, light biscuit / bready malts. Very big citrus flavor, juice and zest. Tart. Light bready malts, nicely bitter.
  • Mini rohrbach oktoberfest 1

    Rohrbach Oktoberfest

    Oktoberfest · 5.9% ABV

    Rohrbach’s Oktoberfest is a tribute to the authentic, German-style lager served around the world during autumn.
  • Mini rohrbach roc n hoppin winter brown ale 1

    Rohrbach Roc'N Hoppin' Winter Brown Ale

    Brown Ale · 6.0% ABV

    This beverage finishes smooth and roasty with just enough bitterness and pine aroma to keep you coming back for more.
  • Mini rohrbach scotch ale bourbon barrel agede 2

    Rohrbach Scotch Ale Bourbon Barrel Aged

    Scotch Ale · 7.2% ABV

    This is the collaboration you’ve been waiting for. We teamed up with our BFFs Black Button Distilling for a delicious collaboration...
  • Mini rohrbach vanilla porter nitro 1

    Rohrbach Vanilla Porter Nitro

    Porter · 6.5% ABV

    Vanilla Porter is a complex English-style porter that was brewed with a wide variety of specialty malts...
  • Square mini rohrbach brewing company c1f931c5

    Rohrbach Abbey Waltz

    Tripel · 7.4% ABV

  • Mini rohrbach alpen glow 1

    Rohrbach Alpenglow

    Red IPA · 6.5% ABV

    A medium-light bodied Red IPA brewed with pine and citrus forward hops. Light toasty, caramel flavor and notes of melon are followed by a dry finish.
  • Mini rohrbach bantleon brown 1

    Rohrbach Bantleon Brown

    Brown Ale · 8.0% ABV

    The aroma has dark fruits, chocolate, nuts and caramel. The flavor is much the same with a slight bitterness at the end, with warming alcohol presence.
  • Mini rohrbach ipa

    Rohrbach California IPA

    7.2% ABV

    Based after the India Pale Ales brewed and crafted on the West Coast, Rohrbach’s California IPA is full of hops! Medium-bodied, amber in color, and potent in alcohol, the California IPA is perfect ...
  • Square mini rohrbach brewing company c1f931c5

    Rohrbach Cookies & Cream Stout

    Milk Stout · 7.4% ABV

    Its specialty malts, cacao, and vanilla will transport you right back to snack time...
  • Mini rohrbach golden veil 1

    Rohrbach Golden Veil

    Imperial Stout · 8.4% ABV

    This stout is golden in color and infused with coffee and chocolate flavors. A generous addition of flaked oats to the mash creates a silky smooth mouthfeel.
  • Mini rohrbach grand master dunk 1

    Rohrbach Grand Master Dunk

    Dunkel · 5.8% ABV

    Munich Dunkel with a rocky off-white head and aromas of toasted pumpernickel bread.
  • Square mini rohrbach brewing company c1f931c5

    Rohrbach Honeybush Amber

    Red Ale · 5.3% ABV

    Brewed with caramel malts and late additions of Loral hops for a subtle lemony twist. Conditioned with 10 lbs...
  • Mini rohrbach hop drop 1

    Rohrbach Hop Drop

    IPA · 5.9% ABV

    Hop Drop is a special small-batch delivery of Ekuanot hops in liquid form. A hazy IPA with subtle tropical flavors.
  • Mini rolhrbach interplanetary lager 1

    Rohrbach Interplanetary Lager

    Strong Pale Lager

    Announcing our first Neoteric beer release: Inter-Planetary Lager! Created by Rohrbach brewer Eric Bishop, this India Pale Lager (IPL) will be a crisp hoppy brew, with hints of orange, grapefruit, ...
  • Mini rohrbach in the bag dipa 1

    Rohrbach In the Bag DIPA

    Double IPA · 8.1% ABV

    A trio of hops brings a tropical front with a smooth, slight bitter finish.
  • Square mini rohrbach brewing company c1f931c5

    Rohrbach Invisible Sun

    Belgian Strong Ale · 9.0% ABV

  • Mini rohrbach iron smoke 1

    Rohrbach Iron Smoke

    Wheat Ale · 3.2% ABV

    Our good friends at Iron Smoke Distillery were kind enough to fire up their smoker to help us produce the perfect wheat malt for this brew.
  • Mini rohrbach kats the musical the beer 1

    Rohrbach Kats, The Musical, The Beer

    IPA · 8.4% ABV

    A soft, fruity small-batch IPA
  • Square mini rohrbach brewing company c1f931c5

    Rohrbach Maltster Matt's Brown Ale

    Brown Ale · 4.3% ABV

    This rich American brown ale is a veritable burst of dense, chocolate maltiness, balanced beautifully with classic American hops.
  • Mini rohrbach market rye pale ale 1

    Rohrbach Market Rye Pale Ale

    English Pale Ale · 6.0% ABV

    An English-style Pale Ale infused with the peppery spiciness of locally-grown Rye malt and Willamette hops.
  • Mini rohrbach mint condition 1

    Rohrbach Mint Condition

    Stout · 6.2% ABV

    Brewed with copious amounts of cocoa nibs to send waves of chocolatey goodness cascading across the palate.
  • Mini rohrbach nitro pub ale 1

    Rohrbach Nitro Pub Ale

    Dark Mild · 4.8% ABV

    A session-style ale, the Mild is full of complex malt flavors, yet light in body for those who want to enjoy a few pints.
  • Square mini rohrbach brewing company c1f931c5

    Rohrbach Ok, Be Jelly

    Porter · 7.0% ABV

  • Mini rohrbach pallet thief 1

    Rohrbach Pallet Thief

    American Pale Ale · 5.4% ABV

  • Mini rohrbach patty s irish ale 1

    Rohrbach Patty’s Cream Ale

    Cream Ale · 4.8% ABV

    Patty's Irish-Style Cream Ale is brewed with malted wheat, honey malt, and aromatic malt from Europe, along with authentic English-style hops.
  • Square mini rohrbach brewing company c1f931c5

    Rohrbach Patty's Irish Ale

    Cream Ale · 4.8% ABV

    This Irish-Style Ale is brewed with malted wheat, honey malt, and aromatic malt from Europe, along with English hops...
  • Mini rohrbach penelope imperial pilsner 2

    Rohrbach Penelope Imperial Pilsner

    Pilsner · 4.8% ABV

    Hints of lemon grass
  • Mini rohrbach pilsner 1

    Rohrbach Pilsner

    Pilsner · 4.8% ABV

    True to the Czechoslovakian style, this Pilsner is brewed with almost nothing but Saaz and Hersbrucker hops and a domestic two-row barley malt.
  • Square mini rohrbach brewing company c1f931c5

    Rohrbach Pineapple Wheat

    Wheat Ale · 4.2% ABV

    Pineapple Wheat has always been one of our most beloved small-batch seasonal brews
  • Mini rohrbach railroad street ipa 1

    Rohrbach Railroad Street IPA

    IPA · 6.5% ABV

    Rohrbach’s version of an India Pale Ale has a big sinuous malty body backed by an overload of citrusy hops.
  • Mini rohrbach s flaherty s irish ale 2

    Rohrbach's Flaherty's Irish Ale

    Irish Red Ale · 4.5% ABV

    Flaherty's stylistically leans towards a blonde ale as opposed to an Irish ale.
  • Mini rohrbach spooky pumpkin 1

    Rohrbach Spooky Pumpkin

    Baltic Porter · 7.1% ABV

    Complex caramel malt flavor is sewn together with chocolate roastiness. This dark libation is balanced by cinnamon and Fuggle hops.
  • Mini rohrbach st patty irish ale 1

    Rohrbach St. Patty Irish Ale

    Cream Ale · 5.4% ABV

  • Mini rohrbach the red sqaure 1

    Rohrbach The Red Sqaure

    Russian Imperial Stout · 8.8% ABV

    This Russian Imperial Stout is bursting with rich chocolate and toffee flavors.
  • Square mini rohrbach brewing company c1f931c5

    Rohrbach Wind Rider Witte

    Witbier · 4.6% ABV

About the brewery

Rohrbach Brewing Company (Rohrbach’s) is a microbrewer of craft beer in Rochester, New York. The company has brewing facilities at 97 Railroad Street in the public market district of Rochester. The company also has a restaurant in the Rochester suburb of Ogden, New York.

Rohrbach Brewing Company is the title sponsor to the Flour City Brewing Festival.

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