Dansk Mjød

Billund, Denmark

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  • Dansk Mjød Viking Blod

    Mead · 19.0% ABV

    A soft, citrus-like flavor and very floral aroma. Its finish is hoppy-dry, spicy, and very warming.
  • Dansk Mjød GI. Dansk Mjod

    Mead · 19.0% ABV

    The recipe comprised of water, honey, hops and brewers yeast, and concludes, that "on the eight day - or earlier in emergencies - the mead may be drunk.
  • Dansk Mjød Klapojster

    Mead · 21.6% ABV

    Port-like flavors, spicy, warming, alcoholic, The deep herbal quality of the caraway is bold enough to match the massive honey character.
  • Dansk Mjød Old Danish Braggot

    Mead · 10.5% ABV

    Old Danish Braggot is based on an 18th century recipe and is brewed according to old Danish traditions by Dansk Mjod.
  • Dansk Mjød Vikingernes

    Mead · 19.0% ABV

    At room temperature in a port wine glass, it is excellent as dessert wine; for a winter warmer, heat the liquid without boiling and serve in a mug.
  • Dansk Mjød Braggot

    Mead · 10.15% ABV

    Old Danish Beer is brewed with Vienna and Munich malts, select hops and ginger, the good water from Ørbæk, and then blended with honey wine.
  • Dansk Mjød Gl.

    Mead · 19.0% ABV

    Nordic honey wine with ginger and hops added.
  • Dansk Mjød Odin's Skull

    Mead · 19.0% ABV

    Nordic Honey Wine with sour apple juice, hops, and cinnamon added
  • Dansk Mjød Ribe Mjod

    Mead · 19.0% ABV

    Ribe Mjod is a dessert honey wine with unpastuerized apple juice and hops that can be enjoyed cooled or at room temperature.
  • Dansk Mjød Viking Blod Honey Wine (Red)

    Mead · 19.0% ABV

    Nordic honey wine with hibiscus and hops added.
  • Dansk Mjød Dansk Viking

    Mead · 19.0% ABV

    Nordic honey wine with hibiscus and hops added.The mead has got a hazy light brown colour with a smooth body. Aroma of honey and herbs...
  • Dansk Mjød Old Danish

    Mead · 10.1% ABV

  • Dansk Mjød Klapøjster Mjød

    Mead · 21.8% ABV

  • Dansk Mjød Vikingernes Mjød

    Braggot · 19.0% ABV

    To create a nuanced mead, we have added hops to Vikingernes Mjød. This spice creates a slightly spicy, aromatic, sweet and semi-dry mead, which is reminiscent of white port wine.
  • GL. Dansk Mjød Ginger

    Mead · 19.0% ABV

    A metheglin style mead with Ginger & Hops. Big notes of ginger in the nose. On the palate, ginger meets honey with a dryish-hoppy finish. Very warming.

About the brewery

Dansk Mjød is a mead brewery with a focus on craft traditions. Products include today many varieties of mead, in addition, we also manufacture a range of delicious senneper.

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