Penn Brewery (Pennsylvania Brewing Company)

Pittsburgh, PA

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  • Penn Pumpkin Roll Ale

    Spiced Beer · 6.0% ABV

    This deep orange-colored ale is made with real pumpkin puree and overflows with the rich flavors and fragrances of nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, and ginger.
  • Penn Nut Roll Ale

    Brown Ale · 5.0% ABV

    This spiced nut brown ale is redolent with cinnamon and vanilla, a nutty character, and a dry finish.
  • Penn St. Nikolaus Bock

    Bock · 6.5% ABV

    Seasonal Holiday Beer available November - January. Munich and various roasted malts give it a very malty, rich flavor with a hint of burnt flavor.
  • Penn Dark Lager

    Dunkel · 4.5% ABV

    Munich and various roasted malts give it a very malty, rich flavor with a hint of burnt flavor. 100% imported Hallertau hops, moderate bitterness and aroma.
  • Penn Pilsner

    Vienna Lager · 5.0% ABV

    An amber Vienna-style lager beer that is smooth, mellow and full bodied, with delicate hop aroma.
  • Penn Kaiser Pils

    Pilsner · 4.5% ABV

    Kaiser Pils, a North Germany style Pils beer. Pale-gold color, good body, crisp, clean, very bitter, with pronounced hop aroma.
  • Penn Oktoberfest

    Oktoberfest · 6.5% ABV

    A rich, deep golden-colored lager fest bier that is exceptionally smooth and mellow. Uses two-row malted barley and a combination of roasted malts.
  • Penn Gold Lager

    Dortmunder · 5.0% ABV

    Three-time GABF Gold Medal winner (1990, 1993 & 1998) and 1999 Bronze Medal winner. Nationally acclaimed as the best Munich-style beer made in America...
  • Penn Philadelphia sylvania Pale Ale

    American Pale Ale · 5.25% ABV

    Brewed with a combination of delicious hops and lightly toasted malts, this amber brew will have you singing the virtues of liberty and independence.
  • Penn Weizen

    German Hefeweizen · 5.0% ABV

    A very refreshing and effervescent unfiltered Bavarian-style wheat beer with pronounced banana and clove aromatics and flavors.
  • Penn German Chocolate Cake

    Pastry Stout · 6.5% ABV

    Penn's GABF award-winning Chocolate Meltdown Stout and elevated to new heights with the addition of coconut, caramel malts, and oats. This coconut chocolate milk stout is also made with Betsy Ann brand fine chocolate and lactose, giving it a rich, velvety
  • Penn IPA

    IPA · 7.0% ABV

    A very robust, amber-colored hoppy beer made with a blend of nine different hops.
  • Penn Berliner Weisse

    Berliner Weisse · 4.5% ABV

    Complex, earthy, refreshing, tart, kettle soured, unfiltered ale. Try adding a little flavored syrup to this beer and drink it the way the Germans do!
  • Penn Chocolate Meltdown

    Milk Stout · 5.5% ABV

    A very dark, full-bodied ale. Hints of roasted caramel malts along with luscious Betsy Ann chocolate mingle with lactose sugar for creaminess in every sip.
  • Penn Dark

    Dunkel · 5.0% ABV

    Deep reddish-mahogany in color with sweet caramel malt, nutty and toffee notes, and roasted hints. Penn Dark has a moderate hopping rate and a crisp, clean lager beer finish. A surprisingly smooth dark beer.
  • Penn Ginger Beer

    Spiced Beer · 4.5% ABV

    Penn Ginger is brewed with straight 2-row Euro Pilsner malt and a small amount of Hallentau Perle hops.
  • Penn Brick Biergarten

    IPA · 7.0% ABV

  • Penn Rooney's Lager

    Premium Lager · 4.5% ABV

    A golden lager with a slight malty sweetness, delicately balanced with the spicet zesty note of tettnang and saaz. Lengthy cold conditioning developes a smooth crisp sessionable beer. The Rooney family is no stranger to beer and beer gardens. The roots go
  • Penn Beyond All

    Porter · 6.4% ABV

    Collaboration Brew with Greywalker - featured at Brewtal Beer Fest. American hops, British malt, lagered in the traditional German style. Maggie’s Farm Rum based vanilla extract using their Airline ovenproof rum with fresh vanilla bean
  • Penn Cool River

    Kolsch · 4.5% ABV

    In the style of the classic beer from Cologne, Germany, Cool River Kolsch is a crisp, clean beer with a subtle fruit fragrance. It's pale golden in color and delicate in flavor, with subdued hoppiness at 32 IBU's.
  • Penn Demonium

    American Strong Ale · 8.0% ABV

    Something has gone terribly wrong (or terribly right depending on your view) in the Brewhouse. One of the brewers must have added too much malt to the mash and made a very strong beer...
  • Penn Märzen

    Oktoberfest · 5.5% ABV

    Malty and copper-red in color, Marzen has a full mouth feel with a slightly sweet caramel characteristic and just enough hops to add balance.
  • Penn Summer Berry Weisse

    Wheat Ale · 5.5% ABV

    A Refreshing Wheat Beer With a Twist. A light-tasting wheat beer flavored with a ripe berry blend, perfect for the warm weather season.
  • Penn Weizenbock

    Weizen Bock · 8.5% ABV

    A big-bodied, stronger, darker, maltier version of our Weizen beer. Bottle-conditioned with a beautiful dark ruby color.
  • Penn Allegheny Pale Ale

    American Pale Ale · 5.6% ABV

    Brewed with 2 row caramel and euro-pils malts to create a rich amber color and medium body...
  • Penn Dunkelweizen

    Dunkelweizen · 5.0% ABV

    Supple, malty and mellow. Its harmonious flavour is the great strength of our dark wheat beer.
  • Penn Harvest Rye IPA

    Rye IPA · 6.0% ABV

    Harvest Rye boasts a complex grain bill including two-row, black, and caramel malts combined with rye. With an ABV of 6 percent and IBUs of 55, Harvest Rye has a spicy character balanced by big hop aromatics and flavors.
  • Penn Old Guyser

    India Pale Lager (IPL) · 6.0% ABV

    Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2015 Collab with Roundabout and Voodoo
  • Penn Rods & Cones

    Sour Ale · 6.0% ABV

    Rods & Cones is our hopped-up sour ale, inspired by Flanders red ales. Simcoe, Amarillo, and Mosaic hops give this beer a huge hop flavor and aroma.
  • Penn St. Nikolaus Bock 2004

    Bock · 6.5% ABV

    Until the 19th century, St. Nikolaus was a tall, stern, patriarch in bishop's robes. Then he became a sky-riding, jolly old elf...
  • Penn Variety Pack

    Variety Pack

  • Penn 25th Anniversary

    Pilsner · 7.5% ABV

    A very malty, very hoppy, very golden Pilsner in the style originally brewed for the Imperial Russian Court.
  • Penn 7 Springs Mountain Ale

    American Pale Ale

  • Penn + Allegheny City Northside IRL

    Amber Ale · 6.5% ABV

  • Penn American Pale Ale

    American Pale Ale · 5.5% ABV

    In comparison to our Allegheny Pale Ale, this is our first American-style Ale...
  • Penn Cool Summer

    Kolsch · 4.5% ABV

    A clean, soft, and effervescent ale in the style of the classic Kölsches of Cologne, Germany. Slight fruit and hop aromas are present in this delicately-flavored beer.
  • Penn Doppel Sticke

    Doppelbock · 8.5% ABV

  • Penn Fakin The Funk

    Sour Ale · 5.5% ABV

    American Wild, brewed with a variety of malts, Willamette hops, and French oak chips. A collaborative brew with Bill Larkin from Arsenal Cider.
  • Penn + Fat Head's Alpha MANdarin

    American Strong Ale · 7.5% ABV

    Penn’s collaboration brew with Fat Head’s Brewery. It’s a “hopped up” American Style Strong Pale Ale brewed with large amounts of Centennial hops in the mash and the boil, as well as whole leaf hops and 30 lbs of Mandarin orange zest/fruit added to the wh
  • Penn Gold

    Helles Lager · 4.5% ABV

    Malty, bready, and sweet flavors come together with just enough hops to round out this beer. Pale golden in color, this lager is delicate and delicious.
  • Penn Gourmet Selection

    Variety Pack

    A selection of our award winning beers. The pack includes: Penn Pilsner, Penn Gold, Penn Dark, Penn Weizen, Oktoberfest, and St Nikolaus Bock.
  • Penn Hot Ginger

    Spiced Beer · 5.0% ABV

    Imperial Ginger Beer. Plenty of fresh ginger for the classic Jamaican style ginger burn, full mouthfeel and sweetness of ginger sodas, but on draft! Perfect for mixing Moscow Mules.
  • Penn Kaiser

    Pilsner · 4.5% ABV

    A Northern German Pils. Kaiser Pils is a clean, crisp, light-bodied lager featuring a very healthy dose of Noble hops. Kaiser Pils uses pale two-row barley malt as a backbone and has a fine level of carbonation that produces a lovely white foam head.
  • Penn MMM

    Oktoberfest · 8.0% ABV

  • Penn New Moon

    Dark Lager · 8.75% ABV

    Our classic Penn Dark in an Imperial form. Big, bold, and dark. All of the classic light roast character, deep mahogany hue, intriguing toffee, caramel, and toasted nut aroma as Penn Dark, but much, much stronger.
  • Penn Outlook IPA

    IPA · 6.0% ABV

    Named in honor of the magnificent view of Pittsburgh from Mt. Washington, Overlook IPA is a clean, hoppy, American-style IPA with a smooth mouthfeel...
  • Penn Overlook

    IPA · 6.5% ABV

    A clean, hoppy, American-style IPA. Brewed with two-row barley malt and American hops including Zeus, Northern Brewer, and Hipster varieties, giving it an attractive light copper color and a prominent aroma.
  • Penn Passion Fruit Shandy

    Shandy · 5.0% ABV

    This light colored lager beer has a soft malty accent with a muted hop character. It's complemented by the tropical sweet, tart flavor of Passion Fruit.
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About the brewery

Penn Brewery began brewing craft beer back in 1986, making us one of the earliest pioneers in the American craft movement. We started out brewing classic lagers and German beer styles, adhering to the strict quality standards of the 17th-century Bavarian Reinheitsgebot purity laws. As we’ve expanded our lineup in recent years to include IPA s and other contemporary styles like chocolate and pumpkin beers, we’ve stayed true to our quality craftsmanship, brewing all of our beers by hand with top-tier barley and hops. We’re proud to say that Penn beers have won a total of nineteen Great American Beer Festival® and World Beer Cup® medals.

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