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Turlock, CA

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  • Dust Bowl Confused Therapist

    Triple IPA · 10.4% ABV

    We applied the Hazy beer processes to Therapist and added Vermont ale yeast for a Therapist with more pineapple and tropical notes and even bigger aroma than the original.
  • Dust Bowl Dump Truck Of The Gods

    Triple IPA · 15.0% ABV

    It's a quad! No criteria for it. Explains the beer all by itself.
  • Dust Bowl Hops of Wrath

    IPA · 6.6% ABV

    Beer usually spoiled on the trip, so a higher alcohol content and additional hops were used as natural preservatives.
  • Dust Bowl Public Enemy Porter

    Porter · 9.3% ABV

    GABF gold medal winner Public Enemy - Baltic Porter. This style originated in the region bordering the Baltic Sea and is a take-off on English porters.
  • Dust Bowl Therapist Triple IPA

    Double IPA · 10.4% ABV

  • Dust Bowl Vanilla Blonde

    Blonde Ale · 4.7% ABV

  • Dust Bowl Supine Mega Ipa

    Triple IPA · 14.5% ABV

    Mega Triple IPA
  • Dust Bowl Barrel Aged Anniversary Blend

    Barrel Aged · 12.0% ABV

    A combination of some of our best big beers aged in oak barrels. The characters of the beer are complemented by the vanilla and coconut notes from the barrels.
  • Dust Bowl Belgian Blonde With Fruit

    Blonde Ale · 9.1% ABV

    Made with peach and apricot in secondary fermentation.
  • Dust Bowl Black Blizzard Russian Imperial Stout

    Imperial Stout · 9.4% ABV

    They drank with authority and so should you. Celebrate like nobility wit Black Blizzard. If you ruled an empire, what would you drink?
  • Dust Bowl Hobo Pils

    Pilsner · 5.3% ABV

    This German style Pilsner uses 100% Pilsner malt along with Magnum and Opal hops to create a light-flavored, crisp, hoppy lager.
  • Dust Bowl Maple Coffee Black Blizzard

    Russian Imperial Stout · 9.4% ABV

    We took our crazy RIS and treated it with fresh roast coffee and maple syrup!
  • Dust Bowl Midnight Therapy

    Black IPA · 11.4% ABV

    Dark and delicious triple IPA with a color assist and smooth malt backbone from Munich and Carafa malts.
  • Dust Bowl + Novo Brazil Brazilian Therapy

    Double IPA · 10.4% ABV

    Imperial India Pale Ale with Coconut
  • Dust Bowl Octoberfest

    Oktoberfest · 5.6% ABV

    September into Oktober is a time for festivals loaded with drinking copious amounts of beer and eating a lot of food...
  • Dust Bowl Son of Wrath

    Double IPA · 9.5% ABV

    This next generation beer descends from our flagship IPA, Hops of Wrath.
  • Dust Bowl Super Tramp Imperial Wheat

    Wheat Ale · 9.8% ABV

    Our fruit beer, Fruit Tramp, has been very popular so like good Americans, we want more.
  • Dust Bowl Twisted Monk

    Belgian Strong Ale · 7.7% ABV

    This beer was originally brewed as an Anniversary beer for Dust Bowl’s 5th year. It is a dark Belgian ale with sweet and sour cherry added during and after fermentation...
  • Dust Bowl Black Blizzard

    Russian Imperial Stout · 11.5% ABV

    Originally a stout of British origin, this style of beer became popular with the Czarist Court in Russia...
  • Dust Bowl Brain Spear

    Barley Wine · 11.0% ABV

    Big malt flavors of caramel sweetness with a tropical, fruity hop presence and a bold but balanced bitterness.
  • Dust Bowl Chasin' Shade

    IPA · 4.2% ABV

    A low bitterness, medium bodied beer that it straw colored with a citrus and spice flavor and aroma.
  • Dust Bowl Double Brut IPA

    IPA · 8.5% ABV

  • Dust Bowl Double Red

    Amber Ale · 10.8% ABV

  • Dust Bowl D-Train

    Red Ale · 5.1% ABV

    Rwandan and Ethiopian coffee beans roasted by our own Darris Bishel (AKA D-train) add a kick of smooth roastiness to this moderately hoppy red ale.
  • Dust Bowl Emperor Of The North

    Imperial Stout · 11.7% ABV

    We took the dessert qualities of Emperor of the North to another level by adding peppermint and lactose to the cacao and vanilla to create a chocolate mint cookie in a glass.
  • Dust Bowl Fruit Tramp

    Fruit Beer · 5.3% ABV

    Light, crisp lager-like wheat beer with raspberry aromas and flavors to complement it.
  • Dust Bowl Galactic Wrath with Citrus

    Double IPA · 7.5% ABV

    This West Coast style IPA has big citrus and tropical hop aromas and flavors complemented by a balancing malt base...
  • Dust Bowl Kach Crop

    Fruit Beer · 4.5% ABV

    Mango and Orange ale
  • Dust Bowl Lateral #3

    NE/Hazy IPA · 6.1% ABV

    Continuing the Lateral hazy series. Lateral 3 leans heavily towards citrus, especially juicy orange and grapefruit.
  • Dust Bowl Lateral #4

    NE/Hazy DIPA · 8.5% ABV

    Nor Cal yeast helps the lEl Dorado, Citra and Amarillo bring the notes of orange and lemon while darker crystal malts add color and malt presence.
  • Dust Bowl Lost Uncle

    Imperial Stout · 9.8% ABV

    This is a big pastry stout with chocolate dessert qualities from the addition of Cacao nibs,vanilla beans, Ethiopian coffee, boysenberries and raspberries.
  • Dust Bowl Pancho

    Imperial Stout · 10.1% ABV

    Imperial Stout with cinnamon, cacao nibs and dried ancho chilies. Smooth chocolate and cinnamon notes are accented by mellow layers of Ancho chili flavor.
  • Dust Bowl Passion Fruit Guava Wit

    Witbier · 5.9% ABV

  • Dust Bowl Peace Love & Haze

    NE/Hazy IPA · 6.2% ABV

    This new brew was equally inspired by the haze craze and our Founder’s signature “Peace, Love” signoff that he coined as a kid in the seventies...
  • Dust Bowl Psycho Therapist

    Triple IPA · 10.4% ABV

  • Dust Bowl Soul Crusher

    Barley Wine · 13.7% ABV

    Soul Crusher is the biggest, most complex beer that we have ever brewed...
  • Dust Bowl Taco Truck Amber

    Amber Ale · 4.7% ABV

    Showcases a rich malty character with a light body and smooth finish.
  • Dust Bowl Tank You Very Much

    Quadruple IPA · 15.0% ABV

    Take command of this heavily armed hop vehicle and blast away your cravings for hoppy deliciousness. We pulled all of our hop products out of this arsenal to crush your enemy...Thirst
  • Dust Bowl The Great Impression Stock Ale

    Old Ale · 11.4% ABV

    Inspired by traditional English ales, The Great Impression is made big for aging to develop layers of flavor. Drink it now or choose to lay it down. Your patience will be rewarded...
  • Dust Bowl Vienna Lager

    Vienna Lager · 4.5% ABV

    German Style lager
  • Dust Bowl 10 Lizzy

    Scotch Ale · 8.5% ABV

    The Scottish were some of the first in the UK to brew lager beers. Prior to this, they brewed ales at lower than normal temperatures with small amounts of dark malts...
  • Dust Bowl 10 Lizzy Scotch Ale

    Scotch Ale · 8.5% ABV

    The Scottish were some of the first in the UK to brew lager beers. Prior to this, they brewed ales at lower than normal temperatures with small amounts of dark malts...
  • Dust Bowl After Dark

    Black IPA · 7.4% ABV

    Dark IPA
  • Dust Bowl Big IPA

    Double IPA · 8.3% ABV

    This West Coast Double IPA will give you the hop fix you need; brewed with some of our favorite hops, Citra, Columbus, Simcoe, & Mosaic.
  • Dust Bowl Brazilian Therapy

    Double IPA · 10.4% ABV

    Imperial India Pale Ale with Coconut.
  • Dust Bowl Buck Hazy Double IPA

    NE/Hazy DIPA · 7.0% ABV

    The Music Man series continues with this version of Buck, a double hazy with Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo.
  • Dust Bowl Buckwheat

    American Pale Ale · 5.9% ABV

  • Dust Bowl Canal Surfer Dipa

    Double IPA · 8.7% ABV

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