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Local IPAs in Columbus, OH

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  • Mini columbus bodhi dipa 10

    Columbus Bodhi DIPA

    Double IPA · 8.3% · Columbus, OH

    Pale golden in color, this double IPA showcases a unique blend of hops, highlighting the true nature of Citra®.

  • Mini columbus creeper dipa 10

    Columbus Creeper DIPA

    Double IPA · 10.0% · Columbus, OH

    Pale malts provide a stage for the huge hop presence.

  • Mini rhinegeist truth 4

    Rhinegeist Truth

    IPA · 7.2% · Cincinnati, OH

    Intensely hopped, dry IPA with Centennial, Citra, Amarillo and Simcoe hops. We hop this at a rate of 3lbs/bbl to rev up peach, mango, and passion fruit notes.

  • Mini madtree citra high 1

    MadTree Citra High

    Double IPA · 10.2% · Cincinnati, OH

    Citra hops imparts smooth tropical fruit and citrus aromas and flavors to the beer.

  • Mini rhinegeist saber tooth tiger 4

    Rhinegeist Saber Tooth Tiger

    Double IPA · 8.5% · Cincinnati, OH

    Prehistoric IPA with potent notes of Papaya, Mango and Peach yet finishes with crisp clean citrus bitterness.

  • Mini jackie o s mystic mama ipa 5

    Jackie O's Mystic Mama IPA

    IPA · 7.0% · Athens, OH

    Amarillo, Simcoe, and Centennial hops give this beer tons of great flavors of grapefruit, tangerines, and pine.

  • Mini columbus ipa 10

    Columbus IPA

    IPA · 6.3% · Columbus, OH

    Our take on IPA pours pale orange with a balanced malt presence and finishes with a combination of grapefruit, pine, and tropical fruit notes from Pacific North

  • Mini columbus thunderlips 3

    Columbus Thunderlips Pale Ale

    IPA · 5.3% · Columbus, OH

    New experimental Pale Ale, featuring a modern array of American hops.

  • Mini rhinegeist pure fury 4

    Rhinegeist Pure Fury

    American Pale Ale · 5.7% · Cincinnati, OH

    Intensely hopped yet restrained, bright and tropical fruit forward American Pale Ale with Amarillo, Mosaic, and Cascade hops. An essay in finesse.

  • Square mini north high brewing company 95637124

    North High Stardust To Stardust

    Double IPA · 8.8% · Columbus, OH

  • Mini rhinegeist stryker 5

    Rhinegeist Stryker

    Double IPA · 10.8% · Cincinnati, OH

    This Triple IPA bellows with dank, resinous citrus and flashes of passionfruit that gives way to an ever-evolving bitterness while remaining dry and electric.

  • Mini brewdog elvis juice 1

    Brewdog Elvis Juice

    IPA · 6.5% · Canal Winchester, OH

    An American IPA with a bitter edge that will push your citrus tolerance to the brink and back; Elvis Juice is loaded with tart pithy grapefruit peel.

  • Mini seventh son proliferous dipa 2

    Seventh Son Proliferous

    Double IPA · 8.3% · Columbus, OH

  • Mini ei8ht ball prodigal 4

    Ei8ht Ball Prodigal

    American Pale Ale · 6.5% · Bellevue, KY

  • Mini rhinegeist t rex black ipa 4

    Rhinegeist T-Rex Black IPA

    Black IPA · 7.7% · Cincinnati, OH

    A Black IPA that is smooth, bitter, and has piney/resinous hop notes with an understated dark malt character.

  • Mini brewdog dead pony club 2

    Brewdog Dead Pony Club

    IPA · 3.8% · Canal Winchester, OH

    Being shot from a Howitzer beats the hell out of trotting round a paddock. That’s why the internal combustion engine got mounted on two wheels.

  • Mini madtree pilgrim pale ale 1

    MadTree Pilgrim Pale Ale

    American Pale Ale · 5.0% · Cincinnati, OH

    We are thankful for hops, malted barley, cranberries, walnuts, vanilla beans and that only Pilgrim hops were sacrificed in the making of this beer.

  • Mini rhinegeist zen 3

    Rhinegeist Zen

    Session IPA · 4.8% · Cincinnati, OH

    This little Pale Ale has a smooth malt backbone to hoist some vivid citrus & dank hop character.

  • Mini madtree psa 6

    MadTree PSA

    American Pale Ale · 5.0% · Cincinnati, OH

    You may choose to dissect the variety of citrus, dank, and tropical fruit hop flavors or to simply enjoy the proper balance between malt sweetness and body.

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