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Local Stouts and Porters in Charlotte, NC

Find stouts and porter bottles, cans, growlers, and crowlers at bars, restaurants, taprooms, beer stores, liquor stores, package stores, and bottle shops near me in Charlotte, NC.

  • Mini burial skillet donut stout 1

    Burial Skillet Donut Stout

    Stout · 8.0% · Asheville, NC

    This breakfast stout is made from a blend of 9 barley malts, a scoop of oats, milk and molasses sugars, and our favorite blend of Counter Culture Coffee beans.

  • Mini foothills people s porter

    Foothills People's Porter

    Porter · 5.8% · Winston-Salem, NC

    Firm unsweetened chocolate flavor with moderate notes of caramel and toffee, an herbal hop bitterness up front and a slight note of espresso in the finish.

  • Mini burial winnower chocolate raspberry porter 2

    Burial Winnower Chocolate Raspberry Porter

    Porter · 6.5% · Asheville, NC

    The Winnower removes the husk of the bean from the cocoa nib and opens the door for flavor collaboration.

  • Mini burial beer griddle espresso stout 1

    Burial Beer Griddle Espresso Stout

    Stout · 10.0% · Asheville, NC

    This cold black steel melds rich caramel and honey flavors with lactose sugars and just enough charred black malt to forge defining stout balance.

  • Mini burial tin cup camp coffee milk stout 1

    Burial Tin Cup Camp Coffee Milk Stout

    Milk Stout · 5.5% · Asheville, NC

    A team favorite, this easy sipping stout showcases our love for the tin mug at the campfire.

  • Mini burial griddle imperial espresso stout 1

    Burial Griddle Imperial Espresso Stout

    Imperial Stout · 10.0% · Asheville, NC

    This cold black steel melds rich caramel & honey flavors w/ lactose sugars. addition of a custom blend of roasted coffee beans, offers bold roast & dark fruit.

  • Mini burial oak aged baltic porter ulfberht 1

    Burial Oak Aged Baltic Porter Ulfberht

    Baltic Porter · 10.0% · Asheville, NC

    Mighty as the rugged smith who made it, the blade is marked with a telling inscription.

  • Mini burial tin cup camp stout 1

    Burial Tin Cup Camp Stout

    Milk Stout · 5.0% · Asheville, NC

    A house blend of Counter Culture Coffee beans works with a complex cadre of dark malts, flaked adjuncts and lactose to forge this 5% all day delight.

  • Mini burial beer ulfbret 1

    Burial Beer Ulfberht

    Baltic Porter · 9.0% · Asheville, NC

    Slowly forged for the glory of battle, our swords are our most deadly of battle companions.

  • Mini burial skullsaw sweet potato porter 1

    Burial Skullsaw Sweet Potato Porter

    Porter · 6.0% · Asheville, NC

    The bounty of the season’s feast shall lay lightly upon our tongue.

  • Mini burial shattered remains of reality 1

    Burial - Shattered Remains of Reality

    Imperial Stout · 9.2% · Asheville, NC

    Made with a cadre of dark malts, this chewy black ale was aged upon more than 10 lbs per barrel of coconut to produce the ultimate delicacy.

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