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Local Stouts and Porters in Wallingford, CT

Find stouts and porter bottles, cans, growlers, and crowlers at bars, restaurants, taprooms, beer stores, liquor stores, package stores, and bottle shops near me in Wallingford, CT.

  • Mini evil twin even more jesus

    Evil Twin Even More Jesus

    Imperial Stout · 12.0% · Brooklyn, NY

    The recipe to make such heavenly drops is thick fudge-like body, pitch black color, aromas of chocolate, coffee, dark fruits and muscovado sugar.

  • Mini new england ghost pigeon 1

    New England Ghost Pigeon

    Porter · 5.2% · Woodbridge, CT

    An American style porter with big notes of Coffee, Chocolate, and a caramel-like sweetness.

  • Mini evil twin yin and yang

    Evil Twin Yin and Yang

    Imperial Stout · 11.2% · Brooklyn, NY

    Not just any Black & Tan but the one where we flawlessly mixed a flippant good Imperial IPA w/ a profoundly evil Imperial Stout & sustained sweet beer balance.

  • Mini thimble island mutually assured destruction m a d imperial stout 1

    Thimble Island Mutually Assured Destruction

    Russian Imperial Stout · 11.0% · Branford, CT

    Exceptionally dark, bold complex and surprisingly well balanced stout.

  • Mini evil twin even more denmark 2015 3

    Evil Twin Even More Denmark 2015

    Imperial Stout · 12.0% · Brooklyn, NY

    The punctual aromas, comfortable taste and liberating body will make you feel like one of the happiest people on earth.

  • Mini back east ex machina imperial stout 1

    Back East Ex Machina Imperial Stout

    Russian Imperial Stout · 8.0% · Bloomfield, CT

    Ex Machina has roasty notes, hints of coffee and chocolate, and finishes with just the right amount of bitterness.

  • Mini back east porter lager 2

    Back East Porter

    Porter · 6.0% · Bloomfield, CT

    A traditional English-style Brown Porter, subtle roasted notes of chocolate, and hopped just enough to offset the sweet maltiness and roasty undertone.

  • Mini stony creek stony joe nitro 2

    Stony Creek Stony Joe Nitro

    Stout · 5.5% · Branford, CT

    Golden Mocha Stout

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