custom menu sections

Big news! On Monday, August 14, we launched Custom Menu Sections. They're a huge step forward in providing you the flexibility you need to create the menu you want.

What are Custom Menu Sections?

From beer-focused sections like “Summer Ale Closeouts” to sections for other beverage types like “House Cocktails,” you're now free to create the menu sections you need for your menu.

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How-to Video: Create and use Custom Menu Sections

Uses: Beer

We automatically included some popular options (e.g. “New Arrivals” or “Local”) in the Menu Section dropdown, but when creating your own sections you can be as adventuresome as you'd like!

For example:

  • Need to move some summer ales before the Oktoberfest onslaught? “Summer Ale Closeouts” can help you sell those beers faster.
  • Do you have a Certified Cicerone named Josh on staff who always has some personal favorites? Make a section called “Josh's Cellar.”
  • Want to combine your bottles and cans? Create a menu section called “Bottles and Cans” and put all your bottles and cans there.

Here are some other popular options:

  • New Arrivals
  • Seasonal Beers
  • Cellar List | Reserve List (highest priced bottles)
  • Rare | Limited Release (drive demand for rare beers)
  • Featured Brewery
  • Belgium | France ... (sort your bottles by country of origin)
  • Flights
  • Special Event Beers
  • Happy Hour Menu (show special pricing and which beers it applies to)
  • Large-Format Sharable Beers
  • Macro Beers
  • Gluten Free Options (group ciders and GF beers together)
  • N/A Beers

Here are a few examples (Custom Menu Sections highlighted):

image description

image description

Uses: Other Beverage Types

Custom Menu Sections are a great way to highlight other beverage types. For example, if you've got a great single malt Scotch collection, simply create a section called “Single Malts.” You can enter your full selection just as you would a beer.

You can do the same with any beverage type. Here are some popular uses:

  • Local Spirits
  • Sparkling Wines
  • White Wines
  • Local Wines
  • Kombucha
  • House Cocktails

image description

Step-by-step: Create and use Custom Menu Sections

Creating and using Custom Menu Sections is easy:

Step 1: Input beer information: name, serving type, size, and price.

Step 2: In the Menu Section drop down, select “+ Create New Section.”

Step 3: Name your section.

Step 4: Hit “Save.” This returns you to the add beer screen.

Step 5: Hit the “Add Beer” button. As soon as that beer is added, your new menu section exists.

Step 6: To reorder your Custom Menu Sections, click "Manage or Reorder Menu Sections" on the Update Menu screen. Drag and drop the menu sections into the order you prefer. (On that page you can also edit Custom Menu Section names or turn on/off tap numbers for any section.)

Step 7: Repeat for as many Custom Menu Sections as you'd like!


1. I like my menu the way it is. What does this new feature mean for me?

If you don't want to use the new menu sections, there are only 2 scenarios where you'll have to add just one step to your process.

Listing ciders and/or wines. If you use BeerMenus to list ciders and/or wines, you'll just need to add one simple step: before hitting the blue “Add Beer” button, click the drop down menu and select which section you'd like that cider/wine to go in—probably in either the “On Tap” or “Cider” section.

Adding 1 beer with multiple serving types. For example, say you wanted to add Lagunitas IPA to your menu in both bottles and draft. To do this correctly, simply add the two serving types separately. In other words, add the bottle serving, then circle back around to add the draft serving (or vice-versa).

Note: If you're adding multiple sizes in the same serving type—like 12oz and 16oz drafts—you can do that with the same entry.

2. Where can I use Custom Menu Sections? Just the Print Menu?

They'll show up everywhere your menu is: on BeerMenus, on your website, on your Facebook beer list, on your Print Menus, and (if you have them) on your Digital Beer Boards.

If you'd like, you can order the sections differently in each of these places.

3. Is there a limit to how many Custom Menu Sections I can use?

No, create as many as you'd like!

4. Who has access to Custom Menu Sections?

Custom Menu Sections are available for BeerMenus Pro members who use print menus and/or digital beer boards.

Still have questions? Want us to walk through Custom Menu Sections? Schedule a call with a Print Menu Expert.