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Create a QR code restaurant menu with one click

Last updated August 24, 2020 · By Dylan Blake

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So here we all are. Reopening. In a new world.

You’re reopening your bar or restaurant soon (at some capacity) and it feels like until then you'll be playing one long, drawn out game of whack-a-mole.

Of the million things you’ve got to figure out, from inconsistent government rules to getting back on track with your distributors, there’s one big thing hanging over your head: your menu.

How in the world are you going to do it? How can you provide a contactless menu experience that gives customers an up-to-date, customized menu? How can you provide a menu with descriptions for your ever changing beer list? And how can you do it without spending hours on the computer each week?

Here’s a secret: you can do it in just one click. Read on to learn how to create and maintain an awesome digital menu—and the QR code that sends customers to it—with just one click.

Untappd for Business alternative: BeerMenus

Last updated July 02, 2020 · By Dylan Blake

Maybe you’ve received a bunch of phone calls from the Untappd for Business sales team. Maybe a buddy in the bar or restaurant industry mentioned it to you. Or maybe you're currently using Untappd for Business at your bar or restaurant.

Regardless, you’re wondering whether it’s the right fit for your bar or restaurant, so you want to learn more.

When you're considering this, you'll certainly evaluate Untappd for Business (something you can do in our Untappd for Business: the Definitive Guide article).

But thoughtful small business owners don’t stop there. Before committing to one service, they do their due diligence and investigate other similar solutions. BeerMenus is a popular Untappd for Business alternative.

Full disclosure: as you’re already aware, BeerMenus wrote this article. Even so, we’re up-front that in some cases Untappd for Business is, indeed, a better fit. In those cases, we urge you to use Untappd for Business—at the end of the day we want your business to succeed.

However, there are significant differences between Untappd for Business and BeerMenus, and there are many cases where BeerMenus is a better fit.

Read on to learn more about Untappd for Business, BeerMenus, and which would be a better fit for your business.

Create a digital beer menu with one click

Last updated July 01, 2020 · By Dylan Blake

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(Note: if you're looking for touchless QR code menus that customers can open and peruse on their phones, click here to learn more.)

Digital beer menus are attention-grabbing and easy for customers to read. This makes life easier for your bartenders and makes the entire ordering process more efficient, which drives a significant increase in beverage sales.

Of course, that sounds fantastic.

But questions abound: how do I even create a digital beer menu? How can I actually get it onto a TV? And how can I avoid going through a whole updating rigmarole every time I kick a keg?

TV Menus from BeerMenus make it extremely easy.

You can either design your menu yourself or get the help of our professional design team, who can create a custom menu design for you at no extra cost. We'll also walk you through a simple one-time setup.

After that, update your digital menu with just a few clicks from your phone or computer.

Read on to learn how to create a professional, customized digital beer menu, see some great examples, and hit the ground running with your own digital beer menu.

Create a print beer menu with one click

Last updated July 01, 2020 · By Dylan Blake

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You know the scene well. A keg kicks and your heart drops: now you have to update your beer menu.

What comes next goes something like this: you go to the office computer and head to Google to find the new beer's description. You search and search, finally find a description you like, then copy and paste it into your menu document. You're done...except now the formatting is screwed up. You fiddle with it until it's finally ready. You push print and take a deep breath.

You're done.

Until you have to do the exact same thing the next day.

It doesn't have to be that way! Read on to learn how to create a professional, customized beer menu template that you can update and print with just one click.

Buy “future beers” to help support businesses now, redeem them later

Last updated April 15, 2020 · By Dylan Blake

Preview buy future beers to help support businesses now redeem them later bbefe426

It's no secret that bars and restaurants are struggling right now.

Take-out and delivery orders are helping to sustain some businesses. Same thing with gift cards.

We thought we’d add another way for customers to help their favorite places. We’re calling it “future beers” and we’re infatuated with the idea.

Read on to learn more about how “future beers” works, who’s using it near you, and how you can help.

Note: If you're a business and want to sell future beers at your business, just schedule a call and we can get you rolling in just a couple minutes!

NEW: Find and support local businesses offering to-go, takeout, and delivery

Last updated March 20, 2020 · By Dylan Blake

Preview new one place to find and support local businesses offering to go takeout and delivery 3ea856db

This is just plain hard right now.

Bars, restaurants, and breweries across the country are struggling. With good reason, the industry's collective anxiety is high and we're all scrambling to adjust to rules and regulations that are changing hour-to-hour, let alone day-to-day.

We want to help as best we can, so we built a way for any local bar, restaurant, brewery, or beer store to promote their to-go and delivery options. We also created an easy way for local customers to discover the local businesses near them who offer to-go and delivery.

Best—and most important—of all: this is completely free for businesses to use.

Create a bar menu with one click beer and wine descriptions

Last updated February 11, 2020 · By Dylan Blake

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It's Friday night and your bar has been busy all evening long. So far you've kicked 3 kegs and you know a 4th could blow any second.

It's been a solid sales night, especially for the bar. And you've worked hard, so you really feel like you can hang your hat on the day.

But nestling right up next to your "job well done" satisfaction is another, worse feeling: dread. You're feeling it because you have to update your bar menu tonight.

If you make your bar menu manually with a tool like Microsoft Word, Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator, that means you've got a lot of work to do:

You have to track down beer information for the 3 (or maybe 4) new beers. That means you run a bunch of Google searches then sift through the results to find good descriptions. When you find it, you copy it and then paste it into your menu document. You fix the formatting that got screwed up, and then, finally, you push print and can go home. Exhale.

But you know that exhale doesn't last long; you've already had to update the bar menu 3 times this week.

Here's the good news—updating your bar menu doesn't have to take that long. Read on to learn how to update your bar menu template—complete with drink descriptions—in just a couple clicks.

Create a drink menu with one click beer and wine descriptions

Last updated February 07, 2020 · By Dylan Blake

Preview create a drink menu with one click beer and wine descriptions c4089e4b

You know the feeling. A keg kicks or a new wine comes in and you’re annoyed: now you have to update your drink menu.

If you had a run-of-the-mill beverage program, updating your menu would be easy—just slap in product name and price. No description required.

But your drink program isn't run-of-the-mill—it's top-notch. You're proud of what you offer, so you want to tell your customers about it on your drink menu.

That means you need to provide descriptions. To provide beer and wine descriptions, you usually have to do something like this:

First you head to Google and type the name of the wine or beer. You look through the results and after a few clicks you find one that's good enough. You copy it then paste it into your menu document. Then you verify the menu's formatting still looks good, while possibly having to edit some aspect of it to bring it back in line.

Then, finally, you push print. You're done.

Until you're doing it all over again the next day.

Making your drink menu can be easier! Read on to learn how to create a professional, customized drink menu template that automatically includes beer, wine, and spirits descriptions.

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