Coney Island Brewing Company (Boston Beer Company)

Brooklyn, NY

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  • Coney Island Hard Root Beer

    Spiced Beer · 5.8% ABV

    With hints of vanilla, licorice and birch, this root beer will bring you back to the boardwalk
  • Coney Island Orange Cream Ale

    Cream Ale · 5.0% ABV

    Coney Island Hard Orange Cream Ale is an amalgamation of orange, vanilla and spice inspired by the deliciously unexpected concoctions you only find on the board
  • Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner

    Pilsner · 5.2% ABV

    Mermaid Pilsner is a light-bodied, crisp drinking, nicely hopped lager. An addition of rye malt adds mild spice, balanced by a light, fruity, floral hop aroma.
  • Coney Island Hard Orange Cream Soda

    Shandy · 5.0% ABV

    Coney Island Hard Orange Cream Ale is an amalgamation of orange, vanilla and spice inspired by the deliciously unexpected concoctions.
  • Coney Island Overpass IPA

    IPA · 6.2% ABV

    Overpass is a deep golden, richly aromatic IPA with a crisp bitterness and big, juicy citrus and hop aromas.
  • Coney Island Hard

    Spiced Beer · 5.8% ABV

    Coney Island Hard Root Beer is a new twist on an old favorite. With hints of vanilla, licorice and birch, this root beer will bring you back to the boardwalk.
  • Coney Island Hard Ginger Ale

    Spiced Beer · 5.6% ABV

    A tantalizing libation enhanced with exotic West African ginger.
  • Coney Island Watermelon Wheat

    Fruit Beer · 4.8% ABV

    Watermelon and citrusy hop aromas cool your senses before a refreshing first sip opens to a smooth, medium-bodied beer.
  • Coney Island Freaktoberfest Pumpkin Ale

    Spiced Beer · 6.2% ABV

    Brewed with espresso beans, Freaktoberfest is a dark and thrilling celebration of the unconventional, yet feels ohhhh so right.
  • Coney Island Hard Cherry Cream Ale

    Cream Ale · 5.4% ABV

    Coney Island Hard Cherry Cream Ale sends you on a wild ride with big cherry flavor. Balanced by vanilla and cream.
  • Coney Island Merman

    IPA · 5.8% ABV

    Bringing together the strong malt backbone of traditional East Coast IPAs, the clean hop bitterness of West Coast IPAs, and the hazy, intensely fruity hop character of New England IPAs, Coney Island Merman NY IPA is an IPA that stands alone.
  • Coney Island The Plunge

    Belgian Ale · 6.9% ABV

    The Plunge is a deep golden, slightly hazy Belgian-style ale with a big citrus aroma.
  • Coney Island Fangtooth

    Double IPA · 9.0% ABV

  • Coney Island Lemon Lime Twist

    Fruit Beer · 5.4% ABV

    Dive right in and join the journey where sea meets sand. Just bring yourself, no shades or suits required...
  • Coney Island Seas the Day IPL

    Premium Lager · 4.8% ABV

    Big citrus and passion fruit aromas lead into a full bodied, easy drinking lager with an intense hop bite.
  • Coney Island Cotton Candy Kolsch

    Kolsch · 4.8% ABV

    This crisp beer has a light golden color with a pink tinge and has a fruit-forward, strawberry aroma, delicately balanced by floral hops.
  • Coney Island count flocula

    Kolsch · 5.5% ABV

    with Marshmellow Fluff & Cocoa Nibs
  • Coney Island Home Plate Pale Ale

    American Pale Ale · 5.2% ABV

    Leading off is Melanoidin malt and 2-row malted wheat, giving this beer its brilliant straw color.
  • Coney Island New York Honey Stout

    Stout · 7.5% ABV

    A big bodied sweet stout. fermented with honey from upstate New York's Betterbee Farns.
  • Coney Island Snow Coney

    Berliner Weisse · 5.5% ABV

    Kettle soured berliner weisse with lactose, raspberry puree, and lime peel.
  • Coney Island Tunnel of Love

    Wheat Ale · 4.8% ABV

    Tunnel of Love is like a gentle summer breeze. The scent of watermelon cools your senses before a sweet, first sip opens to a rich, full-bodied beer...
  • Coney Island 1609

    Amber Ale · 4.8% ABV

    1609 is a bold, deep amber ale with a full malt, slightly nutty character and strong citrus hop nose that celebrates the discovery of Coney Island.
  • Coney Island Beach Beer

    Kolsch · 4.6% ABV

    Craft beer made simple: malt, water, hops and yeast, brewed in harmony. A crisp and refreshing ale, with a light body and a hint of citrus. Inspired by the spirit of summer.
  • Coney Island Beermosa

    Belgian Strong Ale · 9.0% ABV

    Fermented with pear and apple juice along with a classic Belgium yeast strain. Bright, dry and highly carbonated
  • Coney Island "Everything but the Schmear"

    American Brown Ale · 5.7% ABV

  • Coney Island Hot Toddy

    American Strong Ale · 10.4% ABV

    Hot Toddy is a full-bodied copper colored strong ale that was inspired by the classic winter warmer of the same name.
  • Coney Island Parachute Jump

    American Pale Ale · 5.0% ABV

    Parachute Jump Pale Ale is a modern take on the classic American pale ale, named after the iconic steel wonder of Coney Island...
  • Coney Island Tart Cherry Berliner

    Berliner Weisse · 4.5% ABV

    This Light-bodied sour beer is characterized by a malty, slightly sweet aroma with a very little hop presence.
  • Coney Island Time Bender Stout

    Stout · 10.0% ABV

    With an intense aroma of chocolate and roasted malt, this beer has subtle flavors of sweet molasses and vanilla, and a smooth, warming finish.
  • Coney Island Trapped on the Cyclone

    Tripel · 8.3% ABV

    belgian trappist tripel. One-off for nyc beer week
  • Coney Island 90 Years Young

    Double IPA · 9.0% ABV

    Dry hopped with lupulin powder, this beer hits you right on the nose with intense papaya, melon and orange hop aromas.
  • Coney Island Automated Fortune Teller Machine

    Barley Wine · 10.4% ABV

    In honor of NYC Craft Beer Week 2018, we bring you the Automated Fortune Teller Machine, a 10.4% (Single Malt and Single Hop – S.M.A.S.H...
  • Coney Island Berliner

    Berliner Weisse · 3.5% ABV

  • Coney Island Big Ol' Apple Wheat

    Fruit Beer · 6.0% ABV

    Big Ol’ Apple Wheat is an apple-forward, lightly hopped wheat ale.This ale has a crisp apple flavor, citrus and fruity hop aromas and a smooth finish.
  • Coney Island Blood Red Berliner

    Wheat Ale · 3.4% ABV

    Pale German wheat beer, kettle soured with lactobacillus bacteria. This beer has a clean tart character with a heavy wheat mouthfeel.
  • Coney Island Blueberry Boo Liner

    Berliner Weisse · 5.5% ABV

    A kettle-soured Berliner Weisse, brewed with marshmallow creme and lactose, aged on blueberry puree. For all those monster cereal fans, this beer is a flavorful blast from the past.
  • Coney Island Boardwalk Variety

    Variety Pack · 0.0% ABV

  • Coney Island Brutiful Bubbly

    Brut IPA · 6.5% ABV

  • Coney Island Chocolate Ryezome

    Barrel Aged · 9.0% ABV

  • Coney Island Cinnamon Toast Kolsch

    Kolsch · 5.1% ABV

    Cold conditioned, crisp & clean brewed with cinnamon and lactose.
  • Coney Island Cream of Cropsey

    Saison · 6.3% ABV

  • Coney Island Double Header

    Double IPA · 8.5% ABV

    Double Header Double IPA is a medium-bodied, full-flavored, golden IPA. The aroma is full-fruit, with hints of lemon, orange, grape and peach...
  • Coney Island Dreamland

    Sour Ale · 4.5% ABV

  • Coney Island Fall Variety

    Variety Pack

    Variety pack containing Mermaid Pilsner, Freaktoberfest, 1609 Amber Ale, and Overpass IPA
  • Coney Island Gravesend Ghoul

    Dubbel · 7.5% ABV

    Gravesend Ghoul is a Belgian beer brewed with ginger, orange blossom honey and blood orange, drawing its name and inspiration from the infamous Brooklyn neighborhood...
  • Coney Island Grin and Tonic

    Cocktail · 8.2% ABV

    This beer has strong aromas of pine and resin, and finishes with a crisp, slightly fruity, herbal flavor.
  • Coney Island Half Caked

    Russian Imperial Stout · 9.0% ABV

    Russian Imperial Stout Brewed with Lactose and Chocolate Cake Mix
  • Coney Island Hard Cherry Cream

    Cream Ale · 5.4% ABV

    Coney Island Hard Cherry Cream Ale sends you on a wild ride of big amaretto and cherry flavors balanced by vanilla and cream.
  • Coney Island Hecto-weizen

    Wheat Ale

    American Hefeweizen w/ Citra, Simcoe and Ariana, conditioned with honey and overripe bananas
  • Coney Island Hell Ride

    Smoked Beer · 5.8% ABV

    Smoked Helles lager with three types of smoked malt; peet, cherry and beechwood smoked malts. Fermented over lager yeast.
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About the brewery

Take the ride and visit the Coney Island Brewery, located on Surf Avenue in the heart of Coney Island. Stop by for a pint, a flight, merch or a couple growlers to-go, and be sure to catch one of our free tours. With 8 house-brewed beers on tap that rotate regularly, there’s always something new to try. Depending on the season, you might catch some of our limited release, specialty styles, like SuperFreak, our Kettle Corn Cream Ale and Cotton Candy Kolsch.

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